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I did yoga on a SUP board and you should do it too
I did yoga on a SUP board and you should do it too

In SUP yoga, the exercises are not practiced on a mat, but on a paddle board in the middle of the water. We tried that out …

3 reasons why you should do yoga on a SUP board
3 reasons why you should do yoga on a SUP board

Outdoor yoga is the perfect alternative to the same studio with parquet flooring in the warmer months. Fresh air, a little rustling of leaves and the view of the sky while lying on your back is simply priceless. In view of the corona pandemic, outdoor courses are difficult to recommend anyway. I left my yoga mat for you and ventured onto a SUP board. Here are three good reasons why you should give it a try. And don't tell me that the right conditions don't exist near you. In Austria there are more than 25,000 stagnant bodies of water with an area larger than 250 m². No excuses …

Yoga in nature is the greatest

Anyone who has only practiced yoga at home or in studios should definitely give it a try in the great outdoors. The view of the water is just incredibly calming. With every deep breath, fresh air enters your body. During the final relaxation, you watch the clouds, your hands can slide into the water. Do I have to say more? Yoga on the SUP board enabled me to switch off much better than usual.

Find the balance

Anyone who thinks the SUP board is unbelievably wobbly is wrong. Some exercises are a bit trickier than on a more stable surface, but the body is even more challenged by balancing - and that's why we finally went to the yoga class, didn't we? During my course on the Old Danube in Vienna (cost around 25 to 30 euros per unit) we first paddled out onto the water and were then attached to a star-shaped raft. So the SUP boards also gave each other a little stability.

Two trendy sports at the same time

Before and after yoga, you can of course enjoy the board to the full and paddle a bit. Not only a good exercise to mobilize your body before yoga, but also to enjoy nature a little afterwards. Jump into the water at the end - the perfect end.

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