Make-up: primer
Make-up: primer

If you want to ensure more perfection in terms of beauty technology and be up to date, you need primers! Because they are the perfect and smoothing base for the face, eyes, lips and hair - the result is impressive!

Prime (r) time
Prime (r) time

Well-prepared skin and mane are half the battle for perfect hair and make-up styling. Nothing works without primers, because they now set the tone. In the truest sense of the word, because they adapt perfectly to the skin tone, melt immediately with the skin, smooth the surface, donate a lot of moisture and ensure a long-lasting finish. Its silicone and gel-containing texture is ultra-light, almost invisible, and it can do a lot more …



The perfect pad. Many makeup artists swear by makeup primers. No wonder, because they perfectly prepare the skin for make-up. Their consistency is delicate, breathable, provides the skin with moisture and even protects it from premature aging - thanks to the integrated sun protection factor! You can use it alone, as a base / underlay or as a finish. Unevenness (redness, pale skin & fine lines) are perfectly balanced and the make-up lasts longer! Tip: "Skin Match Protect Primer" from Astor, 7.99 euros.



You want to kiss beautiful lips. A primer for the lips has a number of advantages: it smoothes chapped lips, moisturizes, and prevents the lipstick from leaking and fading! As a result, the lipstick lasts long, longer, the longest! Tip: Let the primer take effect briefly before the paint gets on your mouth. Lip primers can also be used for daily lip care. Generously applied to the mouth and lip contours, they visibly smooth small lines and wrinkles. Tip: "Photo Perfecting Lip Primer" by Be Creative Make-up, at Marionnaud, 12.99 euros.



Look me in the eyes baby. Every woman knows the problem of many eyeshadows - after a few hours the eyeshadow settles in the crease and the color intensity fades. The solution and the absolute favorite of many stars and make-up artists is the eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay - the Shadow lasts up to four times longer than without it! It also protects sensitive, thin skin! Eyelash primers prepare the lashes perfectly for the mascara and prevent the mascara from "crumbling". Tip: "Eyeshadow Primer Potion" by Urban Decay, 20 euros.



The hairy all-rounder. Can you actually prepare the mane perfectly for styling? Yes, of course - with a hair primer! The creamy texture of the weightless formulation is easy to distribute in the hair and cares for it without weighing it down! The nourishing properties penetrate deep into the hair, ensure suppleness, shine, flawless structure and anti-frizz! And they also offer protection from heat! Can be used on dry and wet hair. Tip: "Anti-Frizz Primer" by John Frieda, 15.95 euros.

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