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Why your deodorant keeps failing & what you can do about it
Why your deodorant keeps failing & what you can do about it

Even though you've had a fresh shower and used deodorant, does it still smell unpleasant in the armpit area after a while? We reveal WHY!


Despite meticulous personal hygiene, does it smell from your armpit region at some point? Totally unnecessary! But how does it come about that despite deodorant you sweat and emit really bad body odors?

The HORMONS are to blame

Unfortunately, hormones cannot be denied. Researchers have found that our body odor is heavily controlled by hormones. Regardless of whether it is a pill, pregnancy or menopause, the hormones affect our smell - deodorant cannot help it.

Sometimes it's also the deodorant …

But you can't blame EVERYTHING on hormones either. Because although the deodorant department always looks as if it obeys the one-for-all principle, not every deodorant fits every armpit! For example, if you have sensitive skin, you should really pay close attention to the ingredients. Because aluminum salts, preservatives and alcohol can irritate and dry out the skin. The skin loses its balance, is permanently irritated and that in turn is the perfect environment for bacteria. And they are known to be responsible for the less pleasant smells.

Natural deodorant: do they bring what?

Incidentally, if you have the feeling that you have found a good deodorant for yourself, you can still improve the effect. By applying the deodorant to dry and clean (!) Skin. This should also be done when the deodorant is reapplied. So don't spray on your sweaty armpit, instead pat the skin dry first. Then the active ingredients can be absorbed much better!

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