The best tips against sweat
The best tips against sweat

It starts again, the sweat! Summer is only approaching in small steps, but soon the heat will be back and we will quickly work up a sweat. The consequences are leave marks on clothing and a bad body odor! That's why we have 10 tips for you against sweat here.

We have 10 tips for you against sweating in summer
We have 10 tips for you against sweating in summer

Deodorants with are particularly efficient in the fight against sweat Aluminum salts. Unfortunately, scientists still argue about whether these are carcinogenic or not.


Before using deodorant, you should Skin absolutely cleaned and be fresh. This is the only way for the active ingredient to develop properly and curb sweat production. Therefore it is best to shower first and only then use the deodorant!


Clothing is also important in summer! Best to wear loose clothing made of cotton or linen that is breathable instead of synthetic and thick fabrics that fit snugly against the body.


A good trick to stop sweating in the office: Cold water over the wrists or let the entire forearm run. The short cold shock causes the blood vessels to contract and a cooler ambient temperature is simulated for the body. His reaction to this: he sweats less immediately! The same thing happens with a damp cloth on the neck.


Even at night you are often plagued by sweating attacks in summer. The best thing to do is to insert wet towel in the open window. This trick lowers the temperature in the room and the air feels fresher.


A natural and effective remedy for very profuse sweating is sage. The antiperspirant active ingredient from the essential oils normalizes the secretion of the sweat glands and regulates the nervous system, which is responsible for controlling the sweat glands. Sage can be drunk as a tea or used in the form of a foot bath.


Similar to panty liners, there are Armpit pads that are attached to the inside of the shirt or shirt and absorb the sweat there. In addition, they contain an antiperspirant agent that reduces sweating. Unfortunately, these are not too cheap and can only be used on a top with sleeves. 30 pieces of underarm pads from L'axelle cost around 10 euros in a dm drugstore.


A small Washing recipe Against sweating: Boil 30g walnut leaves, 20g thyme and 40g oak bark for ten minutes in one liter of water. So that the affected parts of the body clean every day.


Showering helps wash away the bacteria that are responsible for the foul sweat odor, but you should instead of cool, take a warm and tepid shower so that the body stays at a constant temperature.


A visit to the sauna is like a visit to the gym for the sweat glands. In this way, the sweat glands can be trained and automatically sweat less in a normal state.

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