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Sun: repair tricks for skin and hair
Sun: repair tricks for skin and hair

The summer was great, but unfortunately not the sun damage! Pigment spots, split ends, cracked heels: repair tricks for skin and hair.

Sun damage? Repair tricks for skin and hair
Sun damage? Repair tricks for skin and hair

Was the summer great? And how great it was! Days at the beach or the pool, the sun hits our stomachs, our hair bleaches naturally, our complexion is wonderfully tanned. And what's left of it as soon as we spend September in the office in the rain and on cooler days? Scaly skin, pigment spots, chapped calluses on the heels and parched hair tips.

Even if you haven't brought the whole package of sun damage to your skin and hair with you from your vacation: at least a few smaller ones will be there. Which is why we provide you with the "from-head-to-toe" repair program for skin and hair.

Repair sun damage to skin and hair

Pigment spots from the sun

The strong sun exposure increases the melanin production of your skin - you get tanned. However, hormonal disorders can lead to overproduction in some areas. Melasma or dark pigment spots (preferably on the forehead, cheeks and above the upper lip) are the result. If the melasma is already advanced, only professional dermatological treatments will help (here is the overview). If there are smaller pigment spots, you should try a glycol peel two to three times a week (it is gentler than a mechanical one and penetrates the lower layers of the skin). Then apply a retinol cream. Tip: Mix a little retinol into your moisturizer to minimize the initial dryness and irritation of the skin.

Dry, flaky skin on the body

Especially your shins now look like crocodile skin? Heat, chlorine and salt water remove an enormous amount of moisture from your skin - which only really shows up after your vacation. Now apply a cream with a formula containing glycerine after showering. This binds the moisture and helps your skin to become smooth and silky again.

Rough, cracked heels

No pedicure can prevent the stresses of summer (sand! Sea! Open sandals!). Carefully work on horny heels with a pumice stone. Then apply a thick layer of greasy cream (we recommend: Vaseline!) And wrap in socks overnight. Repeat the procedure until the cracks are closed and the heels are soft again.

Discolored strands

Your blonde strands have turned orange thanks to chlorine water? The horror of summer for all fake blondes. What helps now (if you don't want to have expensive balayage highlights brushed on at the hairdresser's): Shampoo and conditioner with a light purple or silver tint. The colors are neutralized again, the yellow or orange tinge fades away again.

Split ends of hair

The most important thing: have the tips cut. A split end cut can save your hair before the break wanders up and thins out the rest of your mane as well. Then: care, care, care. Use a moisturizing hair mask twice a week. Massage coconut oil into the tips and leave on overnight. Now better expose hair dryer and straightening iron treatment.

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