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Find a foundation for your skin tone
Find a foundation for your skin tone

As soon as the foundation does not match your skin tone, your face will look unnatural and unattractive. Use this trick to find the perfect shade!

Foundation find perfect skin tone
Foundation find perfect skin tone

If you want to spend a little more money on your foundation, you should get advice from an expert at a perfumery like Douglas or Marionnaud. They usually take their time to find the perfect foundation together with you. If you prefer to save money and have little time, we have a great trick for you!


Go to the drugstore of your choice and ask for various foundation testers. ATTENTION: In no case just open a foundation without asking. You can get serious problems.


So that you can check the foundation for the right shade, it is best not to apply it on your face, but on your cleavage. There the make-up should become invisible after veneering. The neck is unsuitable because it is usually much lighter than the face or cleavage.

Find Foundation Skin Tone
Find Foundation Skin Tone

Pick a shade that you think most closely resembles the color of your face. Because if you take one shade darker and one shade lighter. The colors are usually marked with numbers. Now apply 3 narrow strips on your cleavage and compare.


In order to see the result in daylight, you should go outside and compare again. Just use your smartphone camera. Which stripe becomes invisible?


If, despite the test, you are not sure which shade fits best, you should always choose the lighter shade if in doubt. Because this does not leave any unsightly edges on the chin.

Tip: If you have oily skin, you should opt for a water-based foundation. There it usually says "oil-free" on the bottle.

Oil-free foundation
Oil-free foundation

Oil-free foundation for oily skin

1. Matt Sensation Make-up from iQ Cosmetics for 6.79 euros at Bipa

2. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Make-up for 49 euros in the WOMAN shop (by the way, this is Kim Kardashian's favorite foundation)

3. All About Matt! Oil-Free Make-up from Essence for 2.79 euros at Bipa

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