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Cover Up Acne - Instructions
Cover Up Acne - Instructions

For people who suffer from acne, there is often only one option left: make-up! These three bloggers show in their video tutorials how they can make pimples and acne scars disappear every day.

Cover up acne - instructions
Cover up acne - instructions

Of course, we could tell you now about how beautiful you are if you do without make-up … However, we know that people with acne often suffer for years and usually search in vain for the solution to their problem. The only way not to hide at home is then unfortunately only to hide behind make-up.

Our advice: Check out these three tutorials from bloggers who have exactly the same problem as you. They will show you step by step how to cover acne and acne scars perfectly, because they have years of experience!

Cassandra Bankson

She has suffered from severe acne since the beginning of puberty. Her cheeks, chin and neck: Overlooked with red pustules and scars. For years Cassandra was bullied and insulted because of her bad skin, even leaving her school in Danville, California because she could no longer bear the ridicule of her classmates. However, thanks to her make-up tutorials, she became a YouTube star and is now even modeling at New York Fashion Week.

Anna's make-up call

She has been using makeup for 15 years and says she often envies people with beautiful skin. That's why she set up her own channel on YouTube, which is now followed by thousands. Her skin is not as bad today as it was a few years ago, so Anna shows how to cover individual pimples and acne scars perfectly.

Carly Humbert

With her makeup on, Carly looks like a girl with perfect skin. The truth, however, is that she has lots of red pimples under her make-up that are constantly inflamed. In her video, Carly shows which beauty products she likes to use and what to look out for when applying make-up!

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