9 autumn decoration ideas from nature
9 autumn decoration ideas from nature

We can now find the most beautiful autumn decorations on walks through nature. How to turn twigs, moss, berries and fruits into pretty living ideas.

9 autumn decoration ideas from nature
9 autumn decoration ideas from nature

White snowberries and Snap peas, combined with red ilex or Rowan berries give a nice contrast for small bouquets, wreaths or arrangements in bowls. With a little wire and a few box tree branches, you can tie simple, beautiful wreaths for doors and tables.


rosehips are very easy to thread and can then be tied to long table ribbons or wreaths.


A deep green Moss bed on a tray, in a small wooden box or in a shallow bowl is perfect for arranging berries, nuts, small twigs or fruits.


With the Cones of fir, pine and spruce you can conjure up a wonderful autumn mood. Painted in bright colors or sprayed with varnish, this can also be used to create imaginative ideas for the children's room.


Particularly pretty: paint small cones white and attach them to a wreath of straw with the hot glue gun - a classy look for the autumn home. Individual pegs attached to beautiful ribbons are a great window or door decoration, there are no limits to the imagination when adding to it (with pearls, etc.).


A pretty vase can be made by taping a glass tube (from the pharmacy) with cones or by tying it with a decorative bow and placing twigs or small flowers in it, e.g. snowdrop presents.


With a drill you can easily create small circles Pumpkins Drill, which, depending on the number and size, result in elegant or modern patterns. The more holes, the more beautiful the candlelight shines out of the pumpkin. Stars are also doing well and are sure to be better received by the neighbors than evil grimacing pumpkin faces.


A small one is used as a tealight holder pumpkin simply saw off the stem and with the help of spoons hollowed out a small hole into which a tealight fits exactly. If you like, you can spray the pumpkin with varnish now.


The nobler variant is to stick long table candles in the small pumpkins. For this, a very deep, thin hole is made in the pumpkin drilled. It is essential to ensure that the pumpkin and the candle stand firmly so that the burning pumpkin candle cannot tip over.

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