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Rules for perfect eyebrows
Rules for perfect eyebrows

Eyedesigner Olivier Gay from Paris, who is considered the undisputed expert for eyebrow styling throughout France, revealed the 4 most important rules for perfect eyebrows to us! PLUS: You can win one of three eyebrow styling sets!

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Eyebrows - 4 styling rules
Eyebrows - 4 styling rules

Olivier Gay is one of the hottest eye designers (yes, this profession really does exist) in the beauty world. After training as a make-up artist, he opened his own studio in Paris. As a specialist in his field, he oversees photo shoots and the major fashion shows in Milan and Paris. We asked him to tell us the 4 most important rules of eyebrow styling! AND there is something really great from M2 Beauté for you to win! (Juhuuu)

Eyebrow tips
Eyebrow tips


Epilation with tweezers is the safest method of hair removal, as the hairs are plucked individually. In contrast to waxing, the elasticity of the eyelids is not affected.



Under no circumstances should eyebrows be removed daily or even more often, as excessive plucking stimulates growth. Find your own picking rhythm, e.g. B. every 2, 3 or 4 weeks.



It is very easy to determine the geometric center with a stick (e.g. the handle of the eyelash comb). Use this fixed point to shape your eyebrows. From this point work out your desired eyebrow style.



What to do if you discover individual white hairs? Important: do not remove it under any circumstances. Either you use a mascara for eyebrows (don't apply it too thick). Or you can use a dye that is tailored to your skin type (especially for eyelashes and eyebrows). TIP: Do not dye the entire eyebrow, just the individual white hairs. This will help you maintain the contrast and achieve a natural looking result. You can re-dye it every 7 to 10 days without hesitation - but try to avoid possible skin contact.


In cooperation with Olivier Gay, M2 Beauté defined the five eyebrow key looks for summer 2015 and this spring brought out an eyebrow styling set. This includes the highly effective Eyebrow Renewing Serum (great for gaps in the brows) from M2 Beaute, tweezers from the Swiss brand Rubis and a booklet with the hottest brow styles of the coming season.

We are giving away 3 pieces of the cool set worth 130 euros, which is available in Austria from Douglas or Marionnaud!

What do you have to do? Simply answer the following competition question and post your answer as a comment under the article: Where does eyebrow stylist Olivier Gay come from?

The competition ends on June 3, 2015, 3 p.m.!

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