That helps against pimples
That helps against pimples

Pimples don't just affect teenagers. Diet, stress, hormones, oily skin - we'll reveal what really helps against ugly skin blemishes.

That helps against pimples!
That helps against pimples!

On average, we suffer from pimples once a month - statistically speaking, this applies to at least seven out of ten people. Hormonal fluctuations, poor nutrition, stress - all of these contribute to the ugly spots. Especially during the change of seasons and especially after summer, our complexion deteriorates.

Because UV rays delay the emergence of impurities (comedogenic effect) and lead to pimples in autumn (so it is not, as is often believed, the absence of the sun's rays to blame for impurities).

We touch a pimple 65 times a day

Inconceivably? But true. Each pimple is touched an average of 65 times a day and thus contaminated with new bacteria. The cycle is clear: more touch means more bacteria, which again leads to more pimples, more inflammation and worse healing.

What really works against pimples


Clean, clean, clean! The face should be cleaned daily. Even if you don't wear makeup, sweat, sebum, and dirt particles collect on the surface of your skin. It is best if you clean your skin thoroughly not only in the evening before going to bed, but also in the morning (new, for example, the foaming cleansing gel from La Roche-Posay Effaclar). Why? Clean skin is more receptive to your nourishing cream.


Regular peeling. You should also treat your skin to a thorough peeling once or twice a week (such as Garnier HautklarAktiv Pickel Fighter Peeling Gel or a homemade orange peel). The accumulations of dead horny cells that clog your pores are removed by gentle friction.


Prevent and fight pimples. In addition to care, nutrition naturally also plays an important role. High-fat, intensely spiced and sweet foods can contribute to pimples and should therefore be avoided. Dietary supplements with a combination of trace elements and vitamins can help improve the appearance of the skin from the inside out.


Cover pimples. To make the pimples disappear "immediately", we recommend covering concealer or make-up. The percentage of pigments in covering primers is significantly higher than in conventional products (25 to 30%!). With the increased coverage and the reliable hold, imperfections are long-lasting concealed with corrective make-up. Because blemished skin is often oily too, you'd better use a mattifying make-up.

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