Why the best ideas come to us in the shower
Why the best ideas come to us in the shower

72 percent of you have your best ideas in the shower. The reason? Has now been researched by psychologists. Plus: How to make better use of this knowledge.

Why the best ideas come to us in the shower
Why the best ideas come to us in the shower

"A quick glass of Benco, that's the idea!" - Do you still know this advertising slogan? Now we can change it: "Take a quick shower, the idea!" And it has been proven to be true.

Scott Barry Kaufmann and Carolyn Gregoire, authors of the creativity bible "Wired to create", stated: "72 percent of all people get their best ideas in the shower." The duo of authors is referring to a study that has proven how incredibly important relaxation is for creative thinking. "The warm water ripples, worries and stress fall away, you are alone and not judged. In this atmosphere, thoughts can flow and new ideas arise."

"Brainwashing" suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

How do I get more creative in my job?

Great. Unfortunately, in our experience, we quickly forget these brilliant ideas when we hop out of the shower and blow-dry our hair. But above all: we don't need the great flashes of inspiration in the morning or in the evening! But during the day, when we're in a meeting with colleagues or urgently looking for an idea for the presentation.

So what to do Because: A shower at the workplace that we quickly disappear into will not be liked by our boss - nor would we take advantage of this offer, creativity or not.

Kaufmann's advice: "The brain needs to idle to produce new ideas. But that can't happen in front of the computer. Take a walk to reconfigure your brain. Or retreat to a room where you can daydream undisturbed Any distraction damages the creative process."

There is also a technical term for this idling: Neurologists call it "default mode". It arises in the shower, just before falling asleep, during a walk or while playing. So in moments of calm.

However: you shouldn't overdo it either. Kaufmann: "If you compulsively want to squeeze the super idea out of yourself, that won't work either. Instead: go outside, take a deep breath and let your thoughts drift. But then get in touch with colleagues again, because creativity arises in precisely the room that lies between the inner and outer world."

Well fine. Then we now know. You can find us in the shower.

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