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Sugar scrub: you need to know that
Sugar scrub: you need to know that

As? Can you remove dead skin cells with sugar? How kind to the skin is a sugar peeling - and how do I make it myself?

Sugar scrub: you need to know that!
Sugar scrub: you need to know that!

Doesn't that sound fantastic? You don't need to invest in an expensive peeling, but can rub off the dead skin cells with sugar? We think: YES!

And indeed: Sugar contains glycolic acid, which keeps the skin supple and even has a preventive effect against dehydration and flaking. Sugar is not a panacea - and you shouldn't use the sugar peeling more than once a week - but in terms of price-performance it is a real DIY beauty miracle.

This is how the DIY sugar peeling works:

First of all, an important piece of information: On sensitive skin, the sugar peeling can briefly lead to red spots. So you'd better use the scrub on an evening when you are no longer going out or expecting visitors.

The sugar peeling works with brown, white or raw sugar. Each type of sugar has its advantages:

  • Raw sugar is coarser, so it's perfect for heavy peels, such as when you're rubbing your elbows or heels vigorously. It is almost too coarse for the more sensitive facial skin.
  • Brown sugar is finer-grained and contains moisture, so it's perfect for the face.
  • White sugar is similar to brown sugar, but contains less liquid molasses - its peeling effect is stronger, but the care effect is less.

This oil is ideal for sugar peeling

Olive oil is always a good choice, partly because you will probably have it at home. These oils are also suitable - and can be tailored to your personal skin type:

  • Safflower, hazelnut or grapeseed oil are suitable for oily skin.
  • Coconut oil, shea or cocoa butter are suitable for dry skin.

The preparation of the DIY peeling from sugar:

  • Mix sugar and oil in a 1: 1 ratio to form a thick paste.
  • If the scrub is intended for rough areas of the body or to rub off calluses, then you better use two parts sugar and one part oil.
  • Attention: With white sugar the proportion is more like 2: 1.

Essential oils like thyme and mint have antibacterial properties. So you can also add two drops of it to the sugar scrub. Be careful with this, however, if your skin is particularly sensitive. Otherwise it can cause irritation.

How to use the sugar scrub:

  • First, you clean your face with warm water.
  • If you already have no make-up on, you should still moisten your skin, as the peeling can cause redness and irritation on dry skin.
  • Now gently massage the sugar-oil mixture into each area in a circular motion for two minutes. Don't use too much force - it really should just be a light "smack".
  • Now clean your face with warm water and pat the skin dry. Apply care lotion.

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