How to apply makeup to dry skin
How to apply makeup to dry skin

Velvety would actually be the desired state - but with dry skin, a layer of make-up sometimes only emphasizes the flaky desert look. We'll tell you how your foundation actually becomes uniform and glowy!

dry skin
dry skin

Scaly, crumbly, dull - it doesn't have to be! Especially when it comes to our face! Make-up looks perfect even on dry skin using the following method:


Rub your face gently after washing dry with a (no longer too soft) towel, which you can use as a peeling effect to remove dead skin. You can save yourself additional peeling (and especially the microplastics it often contains).


Use a serum before daily facial care. This provides an additional boost in moisture and optimally prepares your skin for the subsequent care.


Invest in one good primer ! This underlay, which you apply before the foundation, looks like Photoshop from a tube, makes large pores disappear and evens out imperfections.

You can find more about this here: Perfect skin thanks to primers!


Use liquid makeup: Dry skin wants moisture, moisture, moisture. Powder and firm cream make-ups, on the other hand, can increase the undesirable dandruff effect.


hands off ! Ideally, you spread the make-up with a soft foundation brush and then use a slightly dampened sponge that you press gently onto the skin to make the make-up look even more natural.

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