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Effects on appearance: stress makes you so ugly
Effects on appearance: stress makes you so ugly

Are you under constant stress? For the sake of your health as well as your appearance, you should now turn back a gear. Stress is so ugly!

Oh God! Stress is so ugly!
Oh God! Stress is so ugly!

Who, please, isn't stressed out these days? In my circle of friends there is no one who can claim that everything is totally chilled and relaxed. On the contrary. A single complaint about unfinished to-do lists and duties, even social life becomes stressful. Birthday party here, farewell party there, family dinner, children's program…. Take a deep breath and relax, that is a luxury.

Which you should indulge yourself urgently. Because stress not only has a negative effect on your health, but also on your appearance. And that again is a real trigger for me to reduce stress. Do you need a little persuasion? Here you go:

Stress has such a negative effect on appearance


Puffy eyes, dark circles. Stress doesn't just end as soon as you go to bed. You still have umpteen thoughts in your head, it is difficult for you to really relax and find a peaceful sleep. But if we sleep too little or badly, our eyes are swollen in the morning because body fluids have not been adequately removed. What helps: Autogenic training before bed. And ice-cold tablespoons that you place on your swollen eyelids in the morning.


Dry skin. The most important thing in stressful times: drink a lot, a lot. But not coffee - because it also dehydrates our stressed body. Restless sleep, irregular nutrition and too much caffeine rob the skin of energy, weaken the immune system and also irritate the skin's natural protective mechanisms. What helps: You should consume at least 2 liters of water or unsweetened herbal tea now. Otherwise there is a risk of dry, flaky skin, which in some cases also becomes blotchy.


Stress pimples. Unfortunately, the stress hormone cortisol also worsens the complexion of your skin. Acne intensifies - and even otherwise wonderfully clean skin can be prone to pimples and blemishes in times of extreme stress. What helps: A balanced diet now creates balance. You should reduce sugar and instead eat plenty of steamed vegetables, rice and fish - foods that do not put additional strain on your acidic stomach and thereby worsen your skin.


Wrinkles. Yes, stress creates wrinkles. This is not only due to the drier skin, but also to the fact that we pinch our frown lines and tighten the corners of our mouths under tension. This deepens wrinkles. What helps: Facial exercises to loosen up tense facial expressions. And, as a special trick for at home: stick tape on the frown lines. Every time you frown, the tape reminds you that you should loosen up your face again. Let's call it the "cheap botox".


Hair loss. Every day we lose 50-100 hairs all over the body, which is completely normal. With stress, however, it can sometimes be more. What helps: If reducing stress does not bring any improvement, you should consult your doctor and research the background to the hair loss in more detail with him. Visually, you can conjure up more volume in the hair with dry shampoo.


Hot flashes and red face. Just embarrassing - but under stress we start to sweat. If you do not breathe in and out regularly during stress, but often unconsciously hold your breath or only breathe in briefly, this disturbs your blood circulation. Which can show up in unpleasant redness. What helps: The 3-minute breathing exercises against stress. Or an aromatic oil with soothing essences such as lavender or chamomile. Simply rub a little in the palms of your hands, sniff your nose and breathe in and out very deeply and calmly.

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