Clogged pores on your nose? Never again
Clogged pores on your nose? Never again

You don't really have pimples, but you have ugly clogged pores. 5 tips to make the dark blackheads on your nose and chin go away for good!

Clogged pores on your nose? Never again!
Clogged pores on your nose? Never again!

Actually, you can be quite happy with your skin. You don't have any inflamed pimples, your complexion is relatively clear. If it weren't for those ugly spots on your nose and chin: blackheads!

Clogged pores that seem to mutate more and more into dark craters, especially with advancing age. Iiieeeks. Away with it.

But first a little theory. How do the clogged pores on the nose actually come about? The cause of large pores: an excessive production of sebum (sebum) in connection with a disruption of the skin surface. The canal of a sebum follicle is called a pore. If this channel is blocked, the sebum builds up in the channel. The pore expands. The cause of the sebum build-up: an accumulation of keratinized skin cells at the entrance to the pore. These are then visible as black points.

Enlarged pores on the nose: what helps?

If the pores are too worn out, they can no longer contract. The pore remains enlarged. What help then? Actually nothing more. Because once widened, the pore can no longer shrink. Beauty products that promise a refinement of the pores cause an optical improvement - but not a factual one.

In short: prevention is the mother of porcelain tint. We have 5 tips on how to get rid of blackheads on the nose and chin - and prevent clogged pores from appearing in the first place:


Hands off! It's actually quite simple: if you rub dirt into your pores, they clog. What that means? Let. The. Finger. The end. The face. Every time you touch your nose or prop your chin up, you are carrying bacteria and dirt into your pores. So avoid this if you want your pores to stay as clean as possible.


Drink, drink, drink! Yes, it is that simple. Water is not only a detox for your stomach, but also for your skin. Because pores shrink when they are supplied with a lot of moisture. This means that the dirt cannot penetrate so easily, and your complexion also appears clearer.


Skin care through steam baths. Your pores will widen in the steam bath, after which they will be easier to clean out. The effect is even better if you apply care products containing witch hazel extract after cleaning. The active ingredients contract the pores and make them appear smaller. Unfortunately, they are also broken down in the skin, so the effect is not long-lasting.


Cleaning - the right way! What you do to your skin if you don't remove your make-up in the evening should actually be known. Another decisive factor is the consistency of care, which includes the following steps: thorough cleansing of the skin in the morning and evening, regular peelings (enzyme-based peelings are gentler than scratching grains) and a deep-cleansing mask at least once a week. A beautician's tip: keep dabbing the cleansing mask on those areas that have particularly large pores - nose, chin and forehead - and leave it on overnight. The complexion has been proven to improve! Here is an anti-blackhead mask that you can make yourself!


Professional cleaning. Even if around 50-100 euros can be charged for this: if possible, treat yourself to a professional skin cleansing by a beautician once a month. It sees skin blemishes and blackheads much better - and cleans them out without causing inflammation and thus purulent pimples.

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