Lose weight with the chocolate diet
Lose weight with the chocolate diet

Finally!! We always knew it - eating chocolate and still losing weight is possible! With the chocolate diet!

Lose weight with the chocolate diet
Lose weight with the chocolate diet

The chocolate diet was developed by TV presenter Ruth Moschner, who shed many pounds even with this change in diet.

And that, although with this diet you can or should eat two pieces of chocolate three times a day. Of course, less is also possible, but who says "no" when it comes to chocolate?

This is how the chocolate diet works

This diet allows you to eat three meals a day. What is up to you, but you should pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet, that means lots of fruit and vegetables and little fat or carbohydrates in moderation.

It is important that you always eat 2 pieces of dark chocolate about 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch (70% is best). In addition, there are 2 more pieces in the late afternoon, around 5 p.m.

At dinner you can access whatever you want again. However, the consumption of carbohydrates is forbidden in the evening. For example, salad, steamed fish, lean chicken with vegetables are ideal.


The idea behind the chocolate diet

Constantly renouncing what is really good does not lead to anything in the long term. It is therefore better to incorporate chocolate into your diet, because if you eat something sweet in moderation, it is anything but harmful and definitely does not make you fat.

And this theory doesn't come from anywhere. After all, studies have shown that chocolate curbs appetite. And it has been known for some time that chocolate is even healthy thanks to antioxidants.

But you shouldn't go to any chocolate - very dark varieties are better, preferably with a cocoa content of 70 percent or more. Because the higher the cocoa content, the lower the amount of sugar and cocoa butter, i.e. fat. In addition, dark chocolate is not as sweet and makes you feel full more quickly.

Healthy eating, chocolate and exercise

In order to lose weight in the long term and also to stay slim, it is not enough "just" to change your diet. Exercise should also be included in everyday life. With the chocolate diet, however, 20 minutes a day is enough!

Whether it's going for a walk, fitness studio, cycling or training at home on the floor - the main thing is that you do 20 minutes of sport every day.

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