This is how you avoid binge eating
This is how you avoid binge eating

The refrigerator: my friend and enemy! Sudden cravings make it difficult for me to lose weight. Tips and tricks on how to escape the frenzy.

This is how you avoid binge eating!
This is how you avoid binge eating!

Wonderful if you belong to the disciplined human species. Who can walk past the refrigerator without being overwhelmed by a sudden ravenous attack. Which (like mine) doesn't look into the refrigerator again in the evening and then suddenly has a murderous appetite for mozzarella, ham, yoghurt, frozen pizza, Frankfurt sausages, cookie ice cream - in short: EVERYTHING that is in the refrigerator.

I am greedy, excessive and, above all, indiscriminate when I am overwhelmed by cravings. I cram and cram. Good nutrition is no longer a given since I've been working full-time. Especially in the office, eight hours before the Mac, I tend to put sweet and unhealthy snacks behind my gills. Healthy? Well, there was a dry lettuce leaf in the Weckerl anyway.

No wonder my dream figure is still a dream.

That's why I've been trying to change my diet for a few weeks. More vegetables and protein, fewer carbohydrates, less sugar. Drink plenty of water with it.

Our body needs energy to perform well and to survive. But most of the time we don't know how much energy we actually need to meet the demand. The moment we indulge in cravings, we do not eat to supply our body with the necessary calories, but to satisfy our minds. Sounds kind of crazy, doesn't it?

This is precisely why it is not so easy to escape cravings. But it can be done. So I read through all the articles and tricks. The ones who really helped me to beat the hunger attacks, I have collected here for you:


Never without breakfast. A coffee or tea is not enough. And even a croissant only gives you quick energy, which is also broken down just as quickly. To prevent binge eating in the morning, I now always drink two cups of green tea and eat a yogurt with fruit and oatmeal. In addition, a wholemeal bread with some cheese and cucumber. This breakfast gives me enough protein and protein - both of which are real fillers. Here's why you're still hungry after breakfast.


Water, water, water. I am one of those people who have to force themselves to have a drink. I hardly ever feel thirsty. Now I force myself to 1.5 to 2 liters a day. And it really helps prevent binge eating. Because the body often confuses feeling thirsty with hunger. Warm water can even cleanse the body. It is therefore recommended to drink warm water after a meal. Here you can find out what you do to your body if you drink too little.


Brush your teeth, chew gum. That sounds crazy, but it's really true! I would recommend chewing gum with a «mint» flavor, because the taste buds absorb the pungent taste and the desire for sweet things is neutralized. Thus the cravings disappear. And in the evening it is also important to brush your teeth as early as possible. Otherwise the desire to have a quick little chocolate in front of the TV increases.


Eat regularly. So far I haven't had a real rhythm when eating. I snacked in front of the screen at noon, and dinner didn't have a set time either. Now I try to eat very regularly. Because our body and brain automatically adjust to it when you eat at regular times. Several small meals a day provide the body with enough energy. The result: the body no longer cries out for more food.


Whole grain instead of white flour. Dark bread, brown rice, spelled noodles - I now avoid white flour products and stick to foods that contain a lot of fiber. Especially at noon. The feeling of satiety lasts longer, I am not tempted to push my energy level with sugar so quickly.


Sweets only right after meals. I couldn't survive without sweets, renunciation is out of the question for me. But when I feel like sweets, I now snack right after meals. Because then the blood sugar level does not rise as quickly. However, I try more and more to satisfy my hunger for food with fruit.


Sleep! Yes - getting enough sleep also helps to avoid cravings (actually logical - or who of you doesn't have an appetite for hot and greasy after a long night of partying?). Above all: Those who sleep longer do not get stressed easily. This in turn triggers hormones that stimulate cravings and lead us to frustration. Seven to eight hours of sleep is the optimum. By the way: In order to sleep better, you should avoid these foods!


Self-discipline. Friends and relatives often don't care about your diet changes. They are feeding everything in front of your nose that you are currently trying to avoid. Distract yourself, practice self-discipline! But don't forget that you should NOT WAIT. You can eat anything - just not in excess. Then cravings don't stand a chance.

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