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Go on an online fasting journey with us
Go on an online fasting journey with us

The desire to fast will give the new year a boost: Get to know yourself anew on an exclusive journey to yourself. And all that practically from home.

Fancy fasting: the new online fasting trip
Fancy fasting: the new online fasting trip

Lust auf Fast is a new online platform where the curious are accompanied on what is probably the most exciting journey - the journey to yourself - but what does that mean exactly?

the 9-day, supervised online fasting trip contains:

  • 1 preparation day
  • 1 discharge day
  • 5 days of fasting
  • 2 build-up days

Participants of the online course receive exciting content on the topics of fasting and nutrition, as well as exercise and relaxation, and all of this provides a desire to fast in the most beautiful place in the world - your own home.


Accompanied fasting from home

Since traveling is all the more beautiful when you share it with someone, fasting coach Barbara Ebner, movement trainer Valentina Plach and meditation coach Jakob Horvat will accompany the participants with fasting and nutritional content, exercise units, body applications and relaxation units.

The daily video content, tailored to the daily motto, ideally accompanies you on a fasting trip and is designed so flexibly that it can also be easily integrated into everyday work.

In the evening there will then be the opportunity for live sessions, in which you can exchange ideas directly with the coaches on a daily basis. If you have any questions, an extensive FAQ and supervised e-mail support are available at any time.


Start dates for the courses

  • 2021-17-02 (Ash Wednesday)
  • 18.03.2021
  • 21.04.2021
  • 19.05.2021

Bookable packages

  • Online only: The 9-day online course for 99 euros
  • Complete: The 9-day online course plus fasting travel case Complete for 159 euros
  • Luxury: The 9-day online course plus luxury fasting travel case for 199 euros

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