Detox Roadmap
Detox Roadmap

Our body has a lot to digest. Not just food, stress and excessive strain affect the stomach - and all other organs too. A detox cure lets the system run smoothly again.

Let's detox!
Let's detox!

So that we can feel comfortable in our body, we also have to take care of it. That is why we eat healthy, exercise, do relaxation exercises and go on vacation. But our internal organs can never go on vacation. Day after day the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys and various glands toil like in a mine to keep our machinery running. They don't always keep up with everything. The body then deposits metabolic end products and toxins in the connective tissue. To get rid of these toxins, you have to send your organs on vacation: with a detox. Because when we put the intestines and liver into gentle cycle, the body gets the energy to excrete old pollutants. You notice and see that too. The skin becomes more radiant, there are fewer dents, the bloated stomach disappears, and digestion is a problem. And there is also good news: It is not that difficult to do. With a little time and perseverance, a detox is easy to implement in everyday life. Together with nutritionist and yoga teacher Axel Dinse, we have worked out the best timetable for you.

Thats how it works

The basic structure is simple: food on the back burner for a week. No, not in terms of quantity, detoxing is neither about starvation nor about losing weight. But about the choice of food. Because during this time, animal products such as meat, fish, milk or eggs, alcohol and luxury foods and, above all, sugar are taboo. Because all of these foods have an acidic effect in the body. The menu includes a lot of (green) vegetables, potatoes, grain rich in minerals, algae, sauerkraut and hot plant substances. They are metabolized in an alkaline way, help the body to excrete toxins and stimulate fat burning.


This tough week is followed by a build-up week in which you get back to your normal diet. In other words, the forbidden foods come back on the menu every day. First milk and eggs, then cheese, then fish and finally meat. Sugar and alcohol are only available again after the full two weeks have elapsed. During this time, the body can do a lot of detoxification work. Those who are particularly motivated extend this to three weeks. If you really have little time, you can also provide a valuable impetus with a long weekend. But no matter how much time you invest in your body, the basic principle is always the same.

Colon cleansing

The first thing to do is to remove all of its contents from the intestine. Because residues can settle really well in its tears and loops. To get rid of them, every morning there is a glass of lukewarm water in which a level teaspoon of Epsom salt is dissolved. The not very tasty drink ensures that fluid collects in the intestine and old deposits are loosened and flushed out. Don't worry, you don't have to fear an urgent toilet visit like a raid. This goes slowly and continuously over several days and is very gentle. If you can't bring yourself to the Epsom salt, you can drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and ginger every day. But that's not that effective.



By the way, you can and should eat until you are full. It's not about losing pounds. It is much more important to get the intestines back to work more effectively in daily life. Due to the gentle diet, a few pounds less are a very common side effect. Start the day with a good portion of porridge: bring the oatmeal to the boil, add the raisins, cinnamon or cocoa powder and a little maple syrup, and steam a few apple wedges if necessary. That saturates you for a long time and provides a lot of trace elements and minerals. Important: Add a teaspoon of linseed oil. The unsaturated fatty acids help with fat breakdown and provide valuable omega 3. If you don't have that much time, eat a spelled, rye or kamut roll (no wheat!) With cottage cheese, cream cheese or curd cheese. Chew each bite thoroughly so that pre-digestion begins in the mouth. In this way we learn not to gobble everything down so quickly, also in the rest of life. Tip: These foods will help with detoxification.


At the other meals there are vegetable soups, steamed (green) vegetables, wholegrain rice, millet, amaranth, potatoes with curd cheese, polenta with sheep cheese … All these dishes depend on preparation that is gentle on the intestines. Therefore boil or stew everything, not fry. Save when seasoning with the salt, use herbs and spices generously. Give room to experimentation. Many of these dishes are also suitable for families. If you fry a piece of meat for your partner and children, everyone will have a healthy, balanced meal.

Side effects

When you eat this, your body quickly switches to detox mode. You notice that too. Make sure that you don't have too much stress for the first few days. You are likely tired and possibly exhausted. You may get a headache or your digestion is going crazy. This is what is known as the detox crisis. But after three or four days it is over. Then you suddenly have a lot more energy, the body feels lighter, you literally start to shine from within. Abdominal massages, relaxation exercises and gentle movement, such as walks or relaxing yoga, help overcome tiredness and increase the detoxifying effect.

Motivation boost

Of course, you need a bit of self-discipline for all of this. A few tricks will help you get the motivation you need. Look for two weeks in the calendar in which no particular stress is to be feared or important parties are coming up and enter the detoxification in a fixed manner. Feel free to tell others what you are planning. If you are asked about the success curve, you have more motivation to stick with it. Treat yourself to a massage, lymphatic drainage or facial treatment in between. That is good and supports the detoxifying effect. If you persevere, you will be richly rewarded for it. The skin radiates from the inside, impurities disappear, the bottom becomes smooth like a baby. And there is a wonderful feeling of elation in your head.

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