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How to find the perfect sports bra
How to find the perfect sports bra

Swinging freely? Please not in sport and not in relation to our breasts! Because if bras are too slack during sport, the tissue can be overused and instead of the desired physical tightening, the opposite may be achieved! You have to pay attention to this when buying a sports bra!

Sports bra
Sports bra

Unfortunately, the female breast cannot rely on any of its own muscles. This is why the skin and the internal connective tissue are permanently stretched if the stress is too high and the activity is intense - or at least there is a risk that the result will be sagging breasts all too soon. Therefore, an ideally fitting sports bra is essential when doing sports, especially with larger cup sizes! We reveal what you have to consider when buying and caring for it:

Workout: What do I have to consider when buying a sports bra?


When buying a sports bra, it should be taken into account for which sport this is used. Therefore, most brands have different levels, which are listed on the packaging. Low support is sufficient for yoga, moderate for Nordic walking, strong for example tennis and very strong support for running.

However, some women prefer the strongest possible hold even with less demanding types of movement - better too much than too little!


That The most important element of a bra is the underbust band - so to speak, the foundation on which the rest is built and on which the chest rests. Because the weight of the breasts should not be mainly supported by the carrier.

If the band is too wide, the bra cannot support you, if the material is uncomfortable or too tight, you can get sore here. Ideally, the size can be adjusted by, for example, 2-3 closure widths.


Crossed back panels don't provide as much support like good old racerback. Especially women from the C-Cup should rather bet on it.

Sports bra
Sports bra

In order to find the perfectly fitting sports bra, you often have to try several models. Once you've found the ideal one, it's best to strike several times at once!


Sweat and body fat can destroy the sensitive materials in a sports bra, so they should washed after every intense workout and not lying around in sweat forever. Hand wash or a cool, gentle wash cycle without fabric softener in an extra laundry bag and air drying are ideal.


But even the best-treated sports bras don't last forever. If you exercise regularly, the bra should be be replaced after about 12 months, because it loses its elasticity thanks to the wash cycles and sweat and can no longer provide the necessary support.

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