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Scientifically proven: With this trick, rice and pasta have fewer calories
Scientifically proven: With this trick, rice and pasta have fewer calories

In the future, definitely prefer leftover food from yesterday instead of freshly cooked: Because warmed up pasta and rice have far less effect on the scales, but even help you lose weight!

Does reheated pasta make you slim?
Does reheated pasta make you slim?

We love pasta! But too much of it is unfortunately also characterized by too much on the hips. Therefore, when dieting, it is usually recommended to reduce carbohydrates such as pasta, rice or bread. But now a way has been found how we can enjoy pasta with a clear conscience and with reduced calories.

Scientifically proven: With this trick, rice and pasta have practically fewer calories

If you want to lose weight but don't want to do without pasta or rice, you can look forward to it. Cold pasta or rice have fewer calories than warm. But why is that? The scientific background: All carbohydrates, when digested by our body, are broken down into sugar, which immediately boosts our blood sugar level. Since a permanently high blood sugar level is unhealthy, the hormone insulin is released in order to lower it and the body does not use the supplied energy immediately, but stores it - in the form of the unwanted kilos.

However, the rapid rise and fall in blood sugar also ensures that we are hungry again quickly. In this respect, cakes, chocolate, but also potatoes, white bread, pasta and rice are only recommended in small quantities and fiber-rich whole grain products are preferred.

Ingested differently by the body: pasta freshly cooked, cold or warmed up

However, it was found that the cooling of pasta and the like ensures that our body assimilates the food differently in this "state". As if there was actually more fiber in it. The so-called, developing resistant starch is used differently by our digestive system and less converted into sugar. The blood sugar level is not increased as much and even fewer calories are absorbed.

This effect can be improved even further if the pasta is reheated after cooling, as the BBC series "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor" found out in an experiment: Cold pasta caused blood sugar levels to drop 50 percent was reduced compared to freshly cooked pasta. Reheated pasta was again reduced by 50 percent compared to cold pasta.

Then let's treat ourselves to a good portion of spaghetti! Cooled down and warmed up again, of course!

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