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From wearable to weird: the nail trends for 2019
From wearable to weird: the nail trends for 2019

You will be able to admire these nail trends on all influencer hands in 2019. And we admit: maybe we will try our hand at these nails in the future … it looks very chic!

These are THE trends for nails 2019
These are THE trends for nails 2019

2018 had its ups and downs, that's for sure. But let's focus on the positives today: It's been a great year for imaginative manicure trends. In the salons, leopard patterns, 3D structures and not-so-simple doodles prevailed. The nail influencers on Instagram prompted us to gradually move away from the safe bank of nude tones (sorry, dear Queen, sorry, dear Essie varnish) towards more daring. So it's hardly surprising: The year 2019 promises to be just as creative, weird and cool - at least when it comes to our nails.

Trend 2019: The most beautiful nails

We give you a little trend preview here. You will see these nails everywhere in 2019. So it's best to try it out for yourself!

Texture: our nails become works of art

With these nails you make a statement: Nude colors and natural nails are sure to come back in a few years, but in 2019 the color - and texture - has to be confessed! Have fun and try what you like. Another idea would be pearls or small stones that you glue on your nails - think three-dimensionally!

Tortoiseshell pattern - the nail trend par excellence

We love tortoiseshell - and now on our nails too. Here you get the best of two worlds: muted colors, but still patterns! It almost looks like the more elegant version of an animal print. Super chic and perfect for all year round. We'll take this template with us to the next manicure!

Our nail polishes are getting healthier

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to what we actually incorporate, what gets on our skin and on our body. This trend has finally reached the nails. More and more natural cosmetics labels are offering nail polishes that are natural, vegan and without animal testing. Can I have some more, please!

Clear nails

Our favorite for 2019: see-through nails! We love the version above, but see-through pastels or neutral colors also give our look the perfect 90's twist. Cover up with light lavender, a beautiful beige or a soft coral shade and you are ready for 2019!

Say it through your nails …

Yay! Another trend we love! Why tattoo the sayings on the knuckles when we can write them on the nails whenever we like! We can do that at home too!

Nail trend: a little metal? Why not?

Metallic gold or silver accents over a see-through color are restrained and super chic. And brings that certain something! Love.

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