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Trend: Toenails will remain unpainted this year
Trend: Toenails will remain unpainted this year

… and that suits us perfectly! We welcome everything that saves time as a trend with open arms. But what do we absolutely need for this? Perfectly manicured feet! We'll tell you how the REAL nude look works!

Foot care: We are not using nail polish for pedicures this year!
Foot care: We are not using nail polish for pedicures this year!

Spring is here. What does that mean for us sandals and rattle lovers above all? We should slowly take care of our feet again … with the regular pedicure we may not have taken it as exactly as usual in the winter months.

But what do we hear and see there? A new trend in foot care is heralded: Naked nails. Or to put it quite banally: This year we can confidently do without nail polish on our toes! Sounds great at first, but the catch is the same as with the no-make-up trend: It takes proper care work!

Bare nails need plenty of foot care

The nails really have to be perfectly manicured for the trend, otherwise the look quickly looks unkempt. What that means? No cracks, no discoloration. Discoloration in particular is often a problem after years of using nail polish.

Foot care: 5 steps to the perfect DIY pedicure

HERE we have already explained how the perfect pedicure also works at home in just 5 steps.

Instead of painting the nails afterwards, we at DEM Nageltrend 2019 are concentrating on getting the discoloration under control. How it works? Simply massage in an exfoliating buffing balm and then polish the nails to a high shine. This quickly brightens discoloration again. (Shop right now HERE!) Once the basic work has been done, the naked nails make us pretty happy - no more chipping of the nail polish, no more worrying about whether the nail polish really goes with the outfit and, above all, no pedicure - that works quite well easy at home!

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