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How to strengthen your nails after a gel manicure
How to strengthen your nails after a gel manicure

When the gel manicure is removed, the nails are often brittle and ugly. Do not worry! Here is the step-by-step solution on how to strengthen it again.

How to strengthen your nails after a gel manicure
How to strengthen your nails after a gel manicure

Gel nails look great, especially if you normally don't have such nicely shaped nails. When they are removed (you will need a lot of nail polish remover, time and good files), your natural nails will appear underneath. And unfortunately they are sometimes in a worse condition than they were before the gel manicure: more fragile and thinner.

Nails brittle after gel nails: how do I strengthen them again?

Do not worry. We have the 6-point care program with which you can look after your natural nails again without a gel manicure and strengthen them again after the treatment.

1. Trim your nails

As long as the build-up program is running, you should keep your nails as short as possible. Long nails break easily during everyday activities (e.g. when you try to remove those stubborn lids from Tupperware!). Therefore, cut the nails short and slightly rounded at the edges so that they do not stick to objects and splinter.

2. The file is your friend

Just run a file lightly over the uneven edges to smooth the nail. This prevents further flaking.

3. … but cuticle oil is an even better one

What your nails need now is moisture. Massage cuticle oil into your nails and skin several times a day. Then seal everything with a rich hand cream. Oils absorb better in nail beds - the cream forms a barrier through which moisture can no longer escape. It's like a care mask for your nails.


4. Take a break from nail polish

Even if you would like to seal and hide the brittle areas with nail polish: Your nails will do better for a few weeks if you don't apply nail polish and instead use a nail-strengthening treatment. "Essie", for example, has one on offer that strengthens weak tips with proteins and lightening pigments that conceal yellowing and add shine.

5. Leave your cuticles alone

Resist the urge to cut or trim your cuticles. The cuticle helps protect the nails that grow underneath. One reason why you should moisturize them well with cuticle oil!

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