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Do you love nude nails? Then you will love this Christmas trend
Do you love nude nails? Then you will love this Christmas trend

Christmas nails don't always have to be extravagant. Subtle designs also have their charm! They are beginner-friendly and suitable for the office.

asterisk nails christmas
asterisk nails christmas

Christmas doesn't exactly impress with subtle decorations. The wreath, the tree, the fairy lights, the sweaters - all of this thrives on a certain kitsch that is simply part of the festivities. But sometimes it's nice to see a calm, restrained design between all the exaggerated things.

And that's why the minimal nails trend enchants us so much on Instagram. Especially when you combine the neutral nails with a touch of Christmas! Because then you have a very wearable, but also gentle tribute for the holidays without having to go over your own style limit.

Because this trend is above all something for all nude lovers out there. Women who like things simple, elegant and reserved will love the minimal nails! And you don't even have to go to the salon to do it. Most of these designs can be easily repainted at home.

Mini tutorial:

You need your favorite, neutral nail polish and a glitter polish of your choice. In addition, nail stickers with asterisks. Star look: Simply paint the nails in the desired color and then let them dry well (!). Then stick the stickers on! If you do this too early, they will leave unsightly dents in the fresh paint.

Glitter lace: Paint the nails in the desired color again and let them dry well. Then cut off a piece of a fresh kitchen sponge and brush glitter varnish on it. Apply the glitter to the tip of the nail with dabbing motions. Clean the edges with nail polish remover and seal the nail with a top coat.

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