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Are artificial nails harmful?
Are artificial nails harmful?

Since colored fingernails have become a must for everyone, we've put a lot of strain on them. The question remains: Shellac or gel nails? We asked experts how harmful this is to our nails.

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Shellac vs. gel nails


Lacquer coating - natural effect

"The term Shellac describes a resin-like substance (rubber lacquer) and has long been used in the woodworking industry. Shellac is a soak-off system and can be dissolved with a liquid - without mechanical action! The most popular are: Shellac from CND, GELeration by Jessica & Gelcolor from OPI. The advantage: In the shortest possible time (e.g. during the lunch break) the customer receives an immediately dry, scratch-resistant manicure that can be kept for up to 4 weeks. After thorough preparation including a small manicure of the nails (the prevents bacterial infections & premature lifting of the gel polish) apply a thin layer of base gel, two thin layers of soak-off color gel and a layer of finish soak-off sealer to seal - after each layer you leave the nails for approx. 10 Cure in a UV lamp for two seconds, "says Ingrid Schachner, GF from isCosmetics. "Damage to the nail only occurs if the layers are improperly removed. Shellac protects the natural nail and promotes nail growth and should only be done in a specialist institute," says the professional.

Gel nails

Two methods - one result

"We differentiate between two methods for gel nails. One is the extension of the nails with tips or templates, and the other is the natural nail coating. With both methods, the natural nail must first be roughened with a file so that the gel adheres better. After the gel has been applied (usually two layers) it has to cure well under the UV lamp. A good, clean and precise work ensures a long durability. Gel nails are particularly popular with women who have splintered, soft & brittle natural nails. Gel nails are also more resistant and last longer than Shellac, because Shellac is 'just' a nail polish that is more durable than conventional polishes, "says Judit Klar, Managing Director of Miss Nail. "Gel nails are only harmful to the nails if they are not done professionally and not properly cared for. The natural nail is usually only injured if you try to 'force' the gel off. I recommend Shellac to my customers to get started they are satisfied, then gel, because gel nails simply last longer, "says the expert.

This is what the dermatologist says …

Are gel and shellac nails actually harmful?

"There are no long-term studies yet, so it is not yet possible to assess exactly how this could affect over a longer period of time. Studies on fungal infestation, allergic reactions & skin cancer have already been published. The fingernail consists of dead horny cells, but it still needs oxygen and Care to stay healthy. Pathogens such as bacteria and fungi can accumulate under the nail. Locally, skin fungi can lead to nail infections. As these are concealed by the glued-on nails, they can spread undetected. The ingredients and adhesives can trigger allergies, The UVA light promotes skin aging. People with a tendency to nail fungus, soft & brittle nails are not advised! So that the nails recover, take a 1-2 month break. Silicic acid, silicon & B vitamins from the pharmacy help also ", says Mag. Elke Janig, specialist in dermatology & venereology.

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