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Jeans-look nails
Jeans-look nails

There is a trend in the fashion world that almost no one can avoid: denim. Fashion victims are now even wearing the jeans look on their nails!

Jeans-look nails
Jeans-look nails

Lacquers in the color denim were the nail trend par excellence, especially in the summer of 2013. But now beauty bloggers and fashion victims are going one step further. Washes, seams and even rivets are created on the nails to create an original denim look.

Washed jeans look

In this video, the nail blogger from Nail Art 101 shows how to conjure up the look of washed-out jeans on your nails step-by-step:

Instructions for denim nails


Use a dark blue nail polish as the base color. Paint 2 coats and let it dry well.


Now brush a layer of white nail polish over it. Make sure to let it dry well!


With a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover, rub off areas of the white layer so that the dark blue polish comes out. Caution: Do not apply too much pressure, otherwise pits will appear.


Keep going until you get a washed out denim look!


If you want, you can now decorate the nails with silver or gold pearls. For an original denim look!

Denim manicure set

Ciaté offers a practical set for an effortless denim look on the nail. Each set contains a blue matt colored lacquer, silver, gold, bronze rivets, white decorative seams and a special adhesive. The denim manicure set from Ciaté is available Euro 14.00 at!

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