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This nail trend makes summer that much hotter
This nail trend makes summer that much hotter

We have another nail trend for you that makes us sweat. Flame nails have been on our radar since last winter, but the trend is peaking this summer.

nail polish
nail polish

We are very pleased that the nail trends are all so wearable this year and not a bit crazy! We had tie-dye nails, eggs on nails (prettier than it sounds) and of course cow-spot nails, demonstrated by Kylie Jenner herself.

And now it's time again for a hot trend that sets us on fire. Yes, we are really burning for the following nail design! Please don't give us tinder now, because we just got the spark. Sorry for the meager puns, but we think these flame nails are just too hot on Instagram:

Classic flames

Neon flames

Holographic flames

Flame nails for repainting:


  • Fine brush
  • Cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover
  • desired colors

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