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Brittle nails? Japanese manicure could be your salvation
Brittle nails? Japanese manicure could be your salvation

Brittle nails that split and tear easily and grow slowly? Then the Japanese nail treatment might be just right for you! The special polishing method from Japan promises shiny and strong natural nails.

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Brittle nails? The Japanese manicure could be your salvation!
Brittle nails? The Japanese manicure could be your salvation!

Fragile, brittle fingernails that easily splinter, tear and grow only slowly require special attention and intensive care that strengthens and protects them. Not easy. Because the hands are constantly in use. Nail polish and nail polish remover only put additional stress on the nails. The result: brittle and splintering nails that lack nutrients, strength and care. The Japanese manicure can remedy this and scores with a simple procedure and natural ingredients.

Japanese manicure - what is it?

After the nails have been filed, just like with a classic manicure, a special polish paste is first applied and, in the next step, a powder is applied. This creates a thin and protective layer that nourishes and protects the nail at the same time. The recipe for the care itself comes from a centuries-old tradition and is based on purely natural ingredients. The paste for polishing the nails consists of beeswax, proteins, algae, rice milk and calcium. The powder is based on a mineral-containing solution. The treatment is intended to regenerate stressed nails and make them naturally beautiful again, which is why the nails should not be varnished with nail polish after a Japanese manicure.

Sounds complicated, but polishing itself only takes a good 15 minutes and the difference is immediately visible. Polishing gives the nails a velvety, natural pink shine and makes them look healthy and strong. The treatment supports the blood circulation and the healthy growth of the nail. Incidentally, the result will last a good three weeks. For the time being, you should treat your nails in this rhythm. In this way the nails can recover and grow back healthily … and if need be, the nail polish can be applied again! You can book the treatment in selected cosmetic studios for around 30 euros. It's best to just ask.

In Vienna, for example, we can recommend this address with a clear conscience:

DANIEL DOUJAK - hairstylist & make-up artist

Grosse Mohrengasse 4

1020 Vienna

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