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Shampoo experiment: "No Poo" - the perfect time
Shampoo experiment: "No Poo" - the perfect time

One thing that many want to try, but hardly manage in everyday life: NOT to wash your hair for a while … That should do wonders for the scalp and ensure that the main hair becomes greasy more slowly.

shampoo experiment
shampoo experiment

Six years without shampoo? Sounds kind of disgusting, weird and downright unimaginable. But the #nopoo trend seems to be getting more and more fans and for this reason the New York journalist Sarah Theeboom dared to experiment not to use shampoo for 6 years.

And honestly? We wanted to try it for a long time, simply not washing the hair or at least doing without the shampoo. NOW is the perfect time for it. It is said to work wonders for the scalp and ensure that the hair becomes greasy more slowly afterwards. In order to still look good in the home office or in quarantine? Use dry shampoo. That was definitely not bought empty when buying hamsters …

Why Sarah Theeboom swears by not washing her hair with shampoo anymore

How it all started A few years ago, Sarah Theeboom met a friend who told her about her #Nopoo experiment. The enthusiastic friend was able to convince Sarah to also test the no-shampoo experiment. As? Actually, she wasn't the reason, but rather her hair. The journalist remembered that the friend had previously had incredibly straw, broken and dry hair. At the meeting, however, she suddenly had beautiful hair that just looked great …

shampoo experiment
shampoo experiment

Theeboom & the no-poo experiment

Theeboom told the online magazine Seventeen: "I had to wash my hair every day and yet it was immediately greasy again and hung down like chives." So that she could really go through with the self-experiment and not be tempted to use a shampoo, Sarah flew without shampoo on her three-week vacation in Thailand.

The journalist describes exactly how she was in the first place. Her hair was greasier than ever, disgusting flakes formed and the smell wasn't exactly pleasant either. After the three weeks she had to face her daily life in New York - so she hid her head under a headscarf, hood, cap & hat. It's good that women know how to help!

But after 6 weeks everything was different

What Sarah didn't expect at all occurred after six weeks. The hair changed from unsightly and disgusting to "okay". They didn't seem so oily anymore and Sarah felt somewhat "normal" again.

Because of this small but positive experience, Theeboom decided not to use any shampoo. Shampoo stayed in the bathroom cupboard, but the hair was occasionally "washed" with salt water, as Sarah drove to the sea a few more times. Then it happened again six weeks later: Her scalp stopped producing oil and her hair became normal: "This must have been my natural hair before I started manipulating it with stuff. It was silky again, slightly wavy and completely free of puckers, "said the journalist in an interview.

No shampoo for six years

The experiment was years ago and Sarah still swears by the no-poo trend. Although the journalist does not believe that the chemical ingredients in care products are fundamentally harmful, it was the right decision for her to only wash her hair with clear water and occasionally a conditioner from now on.


"It feels and looks a lot healthier today. Well, I like my hair better now than it used to be."

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