5 mistakes most people make while brushing
5 mistakes most people make while brushing

Brush in hand, curry hair. Done, off. Do you think! Because there are still some mistakes most of us make when brushing.

5 mistakes most people make while brushing!
5 mistakes most people make while brushing!

100 brush strokes - to be honest: Who can do it? You don't have to. But what you should urgently avoid if you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny, these are these five mistakes:


YOU BRUSH YOUR HAIR AFTER WASHING YOUR HAIR. With wet hair, the cuticle is swollen and therefore particularly sensitive. Coarse brushing will roughen them up further, thereby promoting the formation of split ends. Since the hair is particularly elastic when wet, the hair can be overstretched and tear off. Better: brush hair BEFORE shampooing, then carefully squeeze moisture out of the hair and then carefully detangle it with a detangler.


YOU LEAVE THE APPROACH. Are you only brushing the middle part and the tips, maybe to avoid greasing? Not correct! Your scalp needs a good blood supply, this stimulates the follicles and hair growth. But be careful: bristles that are too sharp can damage the scalp. In this case, massage the scalp well with your fingers.


YOU BRUSH YOUR HAIR TOO LITTLE. Just run the brush or comb through your hair once, are you finished? Not correct. While it doesn't have to be 100 brush strokes, this routine will keep your hair from drying out. When brushing, the natural sebum is transported from the scalp via the bristles into the lengths and tips.


YOU BRUSH IN ONE STROKE FROM TOP TO DOWN. From the hairline to the tips? Caution! This will encourage hair breakage because the brush gets caught in small knots and thus promotes hair breakage. It is much gentler if you work your way upwards with the brush.


YOU ARE USING THE WRONG BRUSH. The brush should also be adapted to the needs of your hair. Do you have straight hair and want more volume? Then you need a round brush that brings the right momentum into the mane when blow-drying. Curly hair, on the other hand, should be combed rather than brushed - otherwise there is a risk of frizzy mane.

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