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Oily hair: this trick will help
Oily hair: this trick will help

Help, already a greasy base - and that shortly after washing? We have the ultimate trick to keep your hair fresher longer!

Fresh hair
Fresh hair

It's pretty unfair that I have to wash my hair every day, but my best friend only has to wash my hair once a week. "You just wash them too often!" She says. "Try it less often, your scalp will get used to it after a while and will regrease less quickly."

But what do I do until then? It can take a few weeks and if I wash them less often they look even greasier! A vicious circle!

What is actually the reason for oily hair?

The scalp produces excessive sebum for a number of reasons. Some people use water that is too hot to wash their hair, while others use care products that are too aggressive. Most of them, however, are to blame for the wrong shampoo! Anyone who suffers from hair that becomes greasy quickly, like me, automatically turns to the anti-grease shampoo. But that is exactly what is wrong! Ladies, the better strategy for us is: with moisture against moisture!

Why does more moisture help?

However, if you provide your scalp with a moisturizing shampoo when washing your hair, there is no longer any risk of your body drying out and sebum production decreases. This also works for me with the less frequent hair wash!

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