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Win now: WISHES & WONDERS - the new album by Drew Sarich
Win now: WISHES & WONDERS - the new album by Drew Sarich

Just in time for Christmas, Drew Sarich's new - and first - Christmas album will be released. We talked to the exceptional artist about it and three albums and concert tickets for you!

Win now: WISHES & WONDERS - the new album by Drew Sarich!
Win now: WISHES & WONDERS - the new album by Drew Sarich!

With "Wishes & Wonders", Drew Sarich and his band Das Endwerk Orchester are presenting their first Christmas album. And first of all - anyone who knows the singer & songwriter knows that this album is definitely anything but a classic Christmas album

Drew Sarich makes Christmas shine in all colors. His new album "Wishes & Wonders", in collaboration with Titus Vadon and Das Endwerk Orchester, transports us into the colorful realm of his memories and thus awakens some of our memories.

Because what would Christmas be without memories? Drew opens the chest of the past and revives her images in the present.

"Wishes & Wonders" puts the diversity of the holidays in the spotlight. Happy days, wild evenings and cold nights! The parties and the tears! The contemplation and the decadence! The romance and the loneliness! The wishes and the miracles! However, Joy plays the lead role in this “concept album,” as Drew himself calls it.

The artist, also known as an international musical star, on his latest album:

" "Wishes & Wonders" is a Christmas album that doesn't try to be a Christmas album. It is an experiment of joy! A love letter to hope! An invitation to party out loud. Are you in?"

Win three brand new albums and concert tickets!


We are of course there! And so that you can do that too, we have them exclusively for you three brand new albums "Wishes & Wonders" with your personal signature!

And on top of that we are also giving away a raffle 1x2 concert tickets for the Christmas concert by Drew Sarich & Das Endwerk Orchester on December 23rd in the Stadtsaal Wien!

Playing along is very easy in the WOMAN APP or by SMS to 0900 700 544 (€ 0.70 / SMS) with the Code WISHES! *

Finally we would like to know…

Around this time last year you released the EP "Cancel Chirstmas". Next to the very rocking title song "Cancel Christmas" - says Christmas off! - also a beautiful, quiet version of "Silent Night" and the very classic Christmas carol "In The Bleak Midwinter". Now you're adding a whole album. Why a Christmas album?

I honestly have to admit that I never intended to release a Christmas album! I only know that I talked to Titus (Vadon) and Bernhard Rabitsch about childhood memories before a Stadtsaal show. I was talking about a toy train. The next day Titus called me and said: "I have an idea !!" I saw the concept as an interesting task and was surprised at how many stories I came up with. Stories that didn't necessarily have to do with Christmas, but still happened during this weird season! I found love, almost lost my faith, made wrong decisions and laughed until the tears came! The holidays are weird! Warm, lonely, fun and painful! And I believe that some can relate to it!

What does Christmas mean for you personally? And how do you celebrate Christmas with your family? You are a native American, your wife, Ann Mandrella, a native French woman and your twins were born here, in your adopted country of Austria. Did Santa Claus or the Christ Child come? On December 24th or 25th?

Christmas goes through my nose! Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and fir! Only when the tree is up and the apartment smells like fir do I say “OK! It's Christmas!"

If you had to describe Christmas as a color, what would it be for you?

Red of course! You can see it! Ha! Warmth! Romance! Passion! AND STRESS !! Ha!!

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