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7 easy hairstyles for hot summer days
7 easy hairstyles for hot summer days

When it's over 30 degrees outside, long hair is just annoying. We'll show you the most beautiful heat hairstyles that you can easily do yourself!

Hairstyles heat days summer
Hairstyles heat days summer

Regardless of whether it is a long bob or a long whale mane: any length of hair that extends over the shoulders becomes an absolute heat challenge from 25 degrees upwards! With the current temperatures, there is only one thing left to do: get your hair up! And so that we sometimes wear something other than a bun, we looked around for cute hairstyles for hot summer days.

By the way: Anyone who is toying with the idea of shaving their hair off completely is right on trend. The so-called buzzcut is not only conquering the catwalks, but also TikTok.

1. Double bun

2. Messy bun à la Meghan Markle

The perfect summer hairstyle for the office! You can find the step-by-step instructions for the messy bun here.

3. Bun & braided hairstyle


In summer it's all about plaiting, plaiting, plaiting! Particularly suitable for a dirndl: braided braids on the side, tied in a neck bun (click here for the tutorial). Particularly talented people may even manage - as in the picture - to braid the hair on the back of the head "French" and to tie the hair in a bun at the end.

4. Loose ponytail

Especially perfect for straight hair: the ponytail is probably the easiest summer hairstyle there is! Simply tie your hair loosely at the nape of the neck and wrap it with a scrunchie or cloth!

5. Hair towels

Regardless of whether you wear your hair open or not - hair towels make every summer hairstyle an eye-catcher! We'll tell you here how best to tie hair towels.

6. Space buns

7. Braided braids

The perfect hairstyle for really hot days or for the next workout! With this hairstyle nothing will slip …

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