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Plopping: The super trick for great curls
Plopping: The super trick for great curls

Does "plopping" mean something to you? This is a very simple technique with which you can conjure up dream curls in your hair in no time! That's how it works:

Plopping: THE trick for great curls
Plopping: THE trick for great curls

Thanks to "plopping", a very simple technique, you can conjure up fantastic curls in your naturally wavy hair almost overnight. Which also shine and are not dry fringes. And all of this completely without a straightener, without a curling iron. The only requirement: the hair must be longer.

DIY instructions: This is how plopping for curls works without heat


Wash your hair as usual. If you want to intensify the effect, apply some curling spray or a formula for wavy hair.


Now spread a smooth (!) Cloth on the table or your bed. An old T-shirt with a slight stretch in the cotton is even better. A terry towel is unfortunately not suitable, as it removes moisture from the hair and then does not shine so nicely. The cloth has an important role: it prevents the hair structure from being roughened and frozen.


Now bend over and position your head on the sheet near the lower edge. Press it firmly onto the cloth. Then you take the outer part of the scarf and place it over the back of your head (so you kind of wrap it with the scarf).


Now you take hold of the side parts of the cloth and twist them together until they curl into two sausages on your ears.


Now put the ends of these "cloth sausages" sideways under the cloth so that they are attached. If you want to make sure they don't slip, you can wrap them with an elastic band.


You now look a little like "Mickey Mouse": Two stubby ears on the side of the head. Now wait until the hair is completely dry. It is best, of course, to try "plopping" before bed and the towel covers your hair overnight.


Now carefully remove the cloth and knead the curls. If they are still a little damp, you can blow dry them with a diffuser. If you have to go very quickly, you can speed up the drying process by blow-drying over the towel.

The upside down technique maintains the natural curl shape. Gravity has no chance to unhook it.

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