The real reason almost all trending hairstyles including bangs are coming this summer
The real reason almost all trending hairstyles including bangs are coming this summer

Many of us have picked up scissors ourselves in the past few months. Also to cut your own bangs. And although that was not always successful, we can now look forward to these trendy hairstyles with bangs.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Hallelujah, the hairdressing salons have finally reopened! At least here in Austria. So while we are sitting happily under the hood with our masks on, men and women are still going the DIY way elsewhere. And by that we don't mean that they just cut the split ends off the ends of their hair. No! Our dear fellow human beings (have become) eager to experiment!

But of course there is a reason why you go to the experts for the perfect haircut: Because haircutting is an art that you cannot simply master just because you have watched five YouTube tutorials. And if you devote yourself to the corresponding threads on Twitter, Reddit or TikTok, more and more hair fails appear. Including some forehead fringe mishaps:

At the same time, lists of hair trends for summer 2020 are appearing everywhere. Including an astonishing number of looks with a pony. Conicidence? We don't believe Because once you have cut your forehead fringes, you can't just undo them. Nevertheless, you can definitely save cut bangs with a professional cut!

Have you already picked up the scissors and are not entirely satisfied with the result? You might like these trending hairstyles (and your trusted hairdressers will certainly do it well!):

Sweeping Fringe:If you let your bangs grow out a bit, you can have these flattering and stylish fringes trimmed.

Angled pony:Perfect for those who have a natural swirl in their hair. Or those who just let their forehead fringes grow out and still want to trim a bit.

Tender pony:Also called "piecey bangs" because the bangs are cut very airy. Perfect for naturally straight hair and a nice contrast if you have very thick, thick hair.

Half shag:Anyone who has really cut their own hair can save the look with such a wild styling and layered cut. Perfect for anyone who has lightly wavy and fine hair.

"Full on Shag":A shag is a long bob that is heavily layered to create a very airy, voluminous look. The look with natural curls is particularly cool and retro! And those who don't believe in the "curly bangs" just have to take Selena Gomez's perfect hairstyle as an example.

Pony with steps:Anyone who has worked a bit on their own forehead fringes without having achieved a smooth result can easily save with stepped brow fringes.

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