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Ariana Grande shows her natural hair in quarantine
Ariana Grande shows her natural hair in quarantine

Ariana Grande without her high, super-sleek ponytail? Hardly imaginable. The singer has incredibly sweet curls.

ariana grande
ariana grande

Although Ariana Grande and her signature sky-high ponytail go together like a pot on lid, it is always a pleasure when we catch a glimpse of her gorgeous natural locks. It's true: hidden beneath Grande's sleek, straight, mermaid-length ponytail are some beautiful naturally curly strands, and it seems like she's using her time in quarantine to finally release them.

Grande is rarely seen without her ponytail in tow. And while we love and respect every look she wants to wear, we have to admit that we have a serious soft spot for her natural hair. The singer showed off her quarantine-inspired locks in a new selfie. Needless to say, fans love her curly girl vibes.

And it seems like she just recently decided on her curls. She was spotted with her famous ponytail at a virtual "Victorious" reunion (it's a little hard to see in the tiny zoom photo, but it definitely looks like it). But this new selfie shows off her locks in all their bouncy, voluminous glory.

Here you can see the curls of Ariana Grande in all their glory:

By the way, Ariana Grande's fans on Twitter and Instagram almost went crazy with her curly mane - after all, the hairstyle is reminiscent of her baby photos. We reported.

And we are also admittedly very happy that Ariana Grande wears her hair open and natural, at least during the home quarantine. After all, we all know how painful such a tightly tied braid can become over time. With this in mind: more of it, please!

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