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Dyeing red hair: Every woman has red hair - all you have to do is find the right shade
Dyeing red hair: Every woman has red hair - all you have to do is find the right shade

Do you want to have your hair dyed red? Don't worry, every woman can wear red hair! You just have to find the right shade and care for you. We asked a hairdresser what to look out for.

color red hair
color red hair

Mahogany, copper or would you prefer fire red? Who has not dreamed of standing in the sunshine with a shiny red mane and simply attracting everyone's attention? At least since the Disney movie "Merida" we have had a big heart for red curly hair. But have your red hair dyed yourself? Many women shy away from that. But hairdresser Maike Österreicher from the Wiener Salon Zweischneidig knows that when it comes to perfect red hair, it is all about the right shade and the right care.

  • What do I have to consider?
  • How should I take care of red hair?
  • Which red hair color suits whom?
  • What color can I dye over red hair?

Dyeing red hair: what do I have to consider?

In general, you can compare red-dyed hair with bleached hair: in both cases you should definitely go to the hairdresser to achieve the ideal look. And: You have to make a conscious decision for red hair, because the pigments are more stubborn and cannot be removed again so quickly. "When a very funky customer comes to me who often changes her hair color, I always tell her in advance that she won't necessarily be able to change the color back to white blonde next month after red. You have to be aware of that," says Maike. Customers with very porous, broken hair should also consider whether they are ready to take good care of their hair after dyeing it red. Because: "The shine is the most important thing in red-dyed hair. Because without the shine, a bright color can easily look unkempt and dull.", Says the hairdresser.


Coloring red over blonde:

The hairdresser recommends those who have white-blonde - i.e. really light - hair to get used to the red and copper tones first. That is why she always offers customers the option of a tint in the strawberry blonde category. And switch straight to a dark color like mahogany? Only works with intermediate steps.

Coloring red over black:

For very dark hair, the hairdresser advises those who want to have their hair dyed red to try a deep mahogany first. Because if you want bright red, you have to have your hair lightened and then take care of it accordingly.

Coloring red over gray:

Due to the strong white shade, a natural shade must be added to over-dye if you want to dye your hair red. But if you dye directly over the gray hair, a delicate strawberry shade can come out.

How should I take care of red hair?

"If a customer has her hair dyed red, she shouldn't go to the swimming pool for at least two weeks. Similar to bleached hair, chlorine can change the color and make the hair look dull and dull," warns Maike. Sun protection for the red-dyed hair is also very important. You can either spray the appropriate products on your hair or - if you simply don't have anything suitable on hand - mix sunscreen with plenty of water in a spray bottle and then apply it. "I'm usually not a fan of homemade products, but the sun lotion mixture is better than no protection at all," says the hairdresser.

Which red hair color suits whom?


According to the hairdresser, this is a good entry-level color for those who want to have their light hair dyed red. Copper-red hair is particularly effective in people with light - blue, green or amber - eyes. It's also a color that, according to the hairdresser, can be easily achieved with natural hair colors.

Strawberry red:

Bright red:

If you have lighter skin and eyes, bright red will definitely suit you. But here it is really beneficial to have healthy, well-groomed hair. Because bright colors can quickly appear strawy or matt if the hair does not shine accordingly. In addition, the following applies: "The lighter the customer's complexion, the gaudier the hair color can be," says Maike.

Dark red:

The hairdresser knows an absolute trend color that will also be seen on the catwalks this year. Fortunately, this tone suits everyone very well - even women with a darker complexion and eyes. If you have light eyes and hair, you should definitely have your eyebrows dyed in a corresponding shade in order to achieve an even more natural effect.


"Mahogany is the color of the undecided," says Maike. She recommends this mixture of brown and red to all those who come with a slightly darker starting color and also want red hair - but not too gaudy or noticeable.

What color can I dye over red hair?

"The longer you let your hair dyed red, the stronger the pigments adhere. In other words, if you have your hair dyed red one time and want a different color the next time, it's better and easier than with someone who already has has had red hair for years, "explains the hairdresser. It is very important that customers are aware of this. And also that you can't immediately switch from a shade of red to a cooler, ashy hair color. It may be that you have to take a few intermediate steps to achieve the desired tone.

Can and should I dye my red hair myself?

And since the red hair color is more of a delicate matter, the hairdresser strongly advises against coloring yourself. "It is not that customers fail to dye their own hair. However, this is about precision. It is important to only recolor the roots. This is not so easy at home and so there can be a color overlay come when you go over colored hair with the same tone over and over again. At some point the hair is simply totally dark, while the roots remain light, "explains Maike.

So what should I do if I want to bridge the time between re-dyeing or just can't get around to making an appointment with the hairdresser? "I advise customers to opt for semi-permanent solutions such as color fresheners, tints or care and shampoo with pigments. Anything that does not contain hydrogen is okay," says the hairdresser.

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