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Mermaid Waves: THE trend look of summer 2018
Mermaid Waves: THE trend look of summer 2018

Hair like Arielle, just a little curly? Yes, that's exactly what we want for the 2018 summer hairstyle. And these stars are already leading the way.

Laverne Cox Beachwaves
Laverne Cox Beachwaves

In summer we like things to be simple, quick and airy. And the hair is actually most beautiful when we have spent the whole day in the water. Of course, not everyone has salt water on their doorstep and that's why we make do with salty sprays for a beachy texture.

This summer (yes, we're already dreaming of vacation!) We're going one step further: Glossy mermaid waves will be our go-to hairstyle. The seemingly effortless curls are rounded off with a slightly wet shiny finish. It looks like we just got out of the water with perfect hair. Just like mermaids.

Of course, there are already star role models who make our mouths watery with their perfect hairstyles. Especially in the Kardashian-Jenner family, ladies like the effortless look.

How to style mermaid waves:

Salt sprayFirst spray the hair with salt spray, maybe briefly dry it upside down with the hairdryer.

Straightener / curling iron Conjure up loose waves - but do not start at the roots, but 5 centimeters further down (if the hair is long enough).

Glossy gel or wax Fix the curls with a glossy spray and shake out the waves with a little glossy gel on your fingers and style.

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