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Less is more: with minimalist skin care for the best skin of your life
Less is more: with minimalist skin care for the best skin of your life

Why a three-step care regimen isn't for every skin type and how our editor finally managed to get rid of her acne.

Less is more: with minimalist skin care for the best skin of your life
Less is more: with minimalist skin care for the best skin of your life

If you suffer from acne, you really try everything. I know from my own experience. Every skin care product that promised anywhere near improvement ended up in my shopping basket. In the years when my skin was really bad, whether I was just taking the birth control pill, eating particularly well or exercising, I felt I tried all the care products that were on the market. From pure natural cosmetics, to high-end products from the cosmetic studio, to creams that my dermatologist recommended - nothing helped. Facial cleansing brushes, fruit acid, konjac sponges, even the oil cleansing that is hyped on YouTube, in which you clean your face with oil and hot steam - I've really tried everything.

No matter how hard you try … nothing seems to work against acne or redness

My skin was always irritated, irritated and, especially on my chin and cheeks, I kept getting pimples and blackheads. I just couldn't get my sensitive combination skin under control. I am also in favor of accepting yourself for who you are and that acne is nothing to be ashamed of - but: Anyone who has suffered from the skin disease for years will understand why one tries again and again to fight it.

Woman washes face
Woman washes face

Products "against acne" are often particularly harmful to the skin

During a three-day festival, I found out what my skin really needs - namely nothing. No cleaning brushes, no masks, no scrubs or too many care products. Sounds strange at first, but my skin was better than ever after this festival. Anyone who has ever been to a festival knows what nutrition is like there. I don't even want to start with hydration and lack of sleep.

My care routine: I have used perfume-free micellar water (in the tent) to cleanse my face every morning and evening, and I've noticed how good it is for my skin. However, you should always rinse your face with lukewarm water after cleansing with micellar water (and a cotton pad). The Tenide should not stay on the skin. I didn't do it at the festival, but that also did my skin a lot better. Because she had a break from all the serums, scrubs and creams that I used to use.

What does my minimalist skin care look like?

I clean my face either with a cotton pad and micellar water, which I then wipe down with lukewarm water. I even prefer to use a cleaning oil (preferably the "Take the Day off" from Clinique or one from Balea). Don't worry, not all oil is created equal, because the products contain emulsifiers that dissolve in water. So you can remove your eye make-up with a cleansing oil. With either method (oil or micellar water), my skin is not dry after cleansing. Incidentally, we stole these tips from Leon and his Instagram page "xskincare" - they work. The biology student clears up all skincare myths. First and foremost: Beware of fragrances and alcohol, because both irritate your sensitive skin.

After cleaningI sometimes use different serums in the evening - now and then one with niacinamide, rarely a retinol serum and in winter hyaluronic serum. But only one serum at a time - so I don't mix them. Now and then I use a rose hip oil or a fragrance-free cream from Nivea ("Essentials") after (or instead of) the serums.

In the morning After cleaning, I only use day care with sun protection factor (from Balea "Med" or Paula's Choice) - that's it. Attention: Your skin has to develop a tolerance for serums with niacinamide, retinol or vitamin C. This means that you shouldn't use it every day at the beginning, but should increase slowly (1x per week is completely sufficient in the beginning). And if you only use one cream in the morning and in the evening - that's enough! Less is more is the motto.

Why does this method work?

Like all beauty bloggers on Youtube, I use the following phrase: This method worked for me, it doesn't have to mean that it works for you. After washing with gel, facial cleansing brush and the like, my skin has always felt dry. The mild cleansing really helped my skin. I used to feel the need to use a toner after cleansing, but a simple cleansing is enough for me and my sensitive skin is happy about the minimalist skin care.

Also very interesting: No question in skin care polarizes as much as which ingredients are best: natural or synthetic? We try to answer them here!

Minimalist Skin Care: What Results Can One Expect?

My skin has learned to regulate itself. The pH value has normalized and the skin is less vulnerable and much more stable than ever before. The microorganisms on the surface of the skin do their job by themselves and should not be "removed" by too much care. They serve as little "bouncers" and form metabolic products that have a beneficial effect on the properties of the skin. So if you clean too much, you mess up the skin's immune system.

If the skin also dries out as a result of cleaning, it tends - as in my case - to produce extra sebum in order to rebalance the moisture balance. It becomes more vulnerable to attack and pimples and blackheads are the result. But dry and irritated skin areas were also the order of the day for me. Overall, my skin was just irritated. The more I tried to correct this condition by using a variety of products, the worse my skin got. Over-cared for skin is a household name even in dermatology: Oral rose - perioral dermatitis - can be the result of too much care. Read more about it here.


Granted, it can be very difficult to quit your usual skin care routine and not keep buying new products. But it definitely pays off to cut back a bit when it comes to care and to dispose of aggressive creams packed full of fragrances.

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