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This interview with Jennifer Aniston is nothing short of gruesome
This interview with Jennifer Aniston is nothing short of gruesome

The 1998 interview of showmaster David Letterman and a very young Jennifer Aniston suddenly became a topic of conversation. We wonder how this kind of "humor" could ever be okay …

That old interview with Jennifer Aniston and David Letterman perturbed us - for good reason
That old interview with Jennifer Aniston and David Letterman perturbed us - for good reason

Just recently conversations between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan made the rounds at David Letterman's "Late Night". The interviews of the early noughties do not stand up to the scrutiny of 2021 and show that Britney Spears was by no means the only one who suffered from the insane pressure of the media: Letterman pestered the It-Girls with questions about their drug addiction, prison sentences and (for a long time anyway) medially cannibalized mistakes of the two. In the end, Hilton and Lohan were close to tears.

And an interview with actress Jennifer Aniston from 1998 has now been catapulted into 2021. How could this type of "talk" ever get away?

The then 29-year-old was actually a guest on talk show host Letterman to promote her new film "Love in Every Relationship". Right at the beginning of the interview, the actress revealed that she would not really feel comfortable with such TV appearances: "Especially with you. I love you. But I fear you." In retrospect, it almost seems as if she had clairvoyant skills …

After Letterman asked if she was often besieged by fans, Aniston describes a weird encounter in a steam room. An anecdote that lived mainly because of it and caused laughter because all the characters - including Aniston - were naked in the scene. Seconds later, Jennifer Aniston's hair suddenly found itself in David Letterman's mouth.

There is no explanation as to why the talk show master got up on the actress from behind and tried to eat one of her hair strands like spaghetti. He then claimed that it had "something to do with the steam bath". Aniston himself obviously did not know how to react and even pointed out that the audience had to gasp for air at the action and seemed anything but enthusiastic.

"This is something I will never forget," Jennifer muttered after she pocketed the handkerchief she'd used to wipe Letterman's spit off her hair. Letterman laughed. And added one more thing to the finish by recommending therapy to her because she "looked so exhausted".

Today it is physically uncomfortable to watch these scenes. The internet agrees:

Just saw a clip of letterman sucking on poor Jennifer Aniston's hair in the 90s and I guess at this point it's more that I'm wondering if there’s some brain chemical men have that makes them absolutely batshit insane

Can't get over how creepy and disturbing this clip of Jennifer Aniston on Letterman is

What do the interviews by Hilton, Lohan and Aniston with the paparazzi hysteria of the nineties and noughties and the most recent Britney Spears documentary make clear? Famous women back then were neither taken seriously nor respected for their work. They were either treated like sex symbols, crazy addicts, or well-behaved potatoes.

There was no place or need for complex and multi-dimensional women who write their own story - without shame. Gossip magazines invented the stories and shaped the celebrities exactly how they would best sell.

I remember this. Every Letterman interview was like this. That's why he was so good. One of a kind. I could watch old Letterman interviews like this all day

If y’all triggered and want more, find his Jennifer Aniston one

Or if you want to get more triggered, google Don Rickles

David Letterman was part of that machinery and used interviews with women to get himself started. What was successful then seems disgusting and bizarre today, more than 20 years later. In 2021, a moderator would be kicked out on edge after such appearances. Rightly so …

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