Korean skin care: Glass Skin
Korean skin care: Glass Skin

If your skin is so shiny from natural moisture, then we congratulate you, because you have something that many Korean women are working on: glass skin, 'glass skin'.

Glass Skin Korea
Glass Skin Korea

For a long time it was almost socially acceptable to describe Japanese and Korean beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends as a little crazy or weird. Unfortunately, this is not a nice way of evaluating a different culture, because it is not an objective fact. Yes, some Japanese or Korean looks may seem unusual to us, but that doesn't mean they're crazy.

Fortunately, we now have a better understanding of K- and J-Beauty and are looking at more and more tricks and tips. The products of the Asian beauty world are also booming on the western market. Above all, it is about the art of skin care, which has always played an important role in Asia. According to the Coreana Cosmetics Museum in Seoul, Korean women have always worn make-up to look healthy.

The focus was always on the appearance of the skin. Rice was used to make pastes for exfoliating, or it was ground into a fine powder that gave the face a white touch. Red mung beans, 'jodu', were also ground and used as facial cleansers because of the saponins (foaming properties) they contained.

Western beauty products only came to Korea in the 1950s, so it's no wonder that they still have their own unique approach. The desire to look young and healthy still dominates. And the Koreans know that it is not just cosmetic touches that are sufficient, but that a strict maintenance routine is required.

The 'glass skin' phenomenon is also due to the facial care discipline. This look means radiant, pore-free, ageless skin that is coated with a slight sheen from moisture, so that it appears almost glassy. This effect is not created by the excessive use of liquid highlighters, but by a strict beauty routine. In an article by Refinery29, two Korean beauty professionals explain how to achieve 'Glass Skin':


Cleansing: Korean women insist that every (!) Of their skin care products have a moisturizing property. This is why a nutritious oil is also required when cleaning.


Peeling: According to the Koreans, you shouldn't overuse your skin with coarse grains and therefore use very mild, finely ground peelings for sensitive skin. Here, too, you have to pay attention to the necessary moisturizing!

Serum: A light serum is quickly absorbed by the skin and contains a concentrated amount of good ingredients such as hyaluron, panthenol or antioxidants.

Mask: A damp sheet mask with avocado, hyaluron or glycerine donates - you guessed it - a lot of moisture! And don't forget your cleavage.

Cream: Finally, the whole process is completed with a gentle cream. It should be one that protects the skin from external influences for several hours and keeps it from drying out.

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