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4 beauty trends that have washed up
4 beauty trends that have washed up

Perfect skin? We all want that! We asked around the world what people do in South Korea, the USA or Japan in order to get the most delicate complexion with the right cleansing:

perfect skin
perfect skin

Double cleaning

Putz-Duett: The "Double Cleansing" method has been known in Japan for centuries. Legend has it that this was the only way geishas could remove the thick white metallic make-up from their skin. In the first step they removed their make-up with oil, and in the second step they clarified their face with soap. Even today, the first step in double cleaning uses an oily or creamy texture that binds dirt and make-up. After it has been rinsed off, you should ideally massage in a foam cleaner for two minutes and wash your complexion off with warm water.


Laszlo-Splashing: Back in trend among beauty fans, the "Laszlo method" has been around for a long time. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn swore by it. Audrey Hepburn even said: "I owe 50 percent of my beauty to my mother & 50 percent to Erno Laszlo." For "splashing" fill the sink with warm water. Massage cleansing oil onto your face, dip the bar of soap, let it slide over your skin & emulsify everything together. Wash off well with 20 splashes from the sink. Lastly, splash ten times with running water.

Glass skin

Flawless skin: "Is that real or photoshopped?" You have to ask yourself at this sight. "Glass Skin", the look of a clear, almost translucent skin, is real and the latest hype among Asian women. The care fans are happy to accept a tight cleaning and care program. In order for the face to appear "glassy", it should be as clear, luminous and plump as possible - without any visible pores. For smooth success, follow the ten-step program (see below), exfoliate the complexion three times a week and pamp it with moisturizing goodies.

10-step plan

Korean ritual: The ten-step program has established itself among skincare fans. In fact, only four of the ten steps are cleansing. However, testers of the ten steps all report super-clean skin with smaller pores (we can confirm it). It starts with oil, which is massaged in with moistened hands and then rinsed off. This is followed by a foaming cleanser, which you also spray off. The third step: a peeling (max. Three times a week). Finally finish with toner. The care steps afterwards are: Essence / Lotion, Serum, Sheet Mask, Moisturizing Care & Sun Protection.

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