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Bad skin? Then you might be making one of these 5 mistakes
Bad skin? Then you might be making one of these 5 mistakes

Wrinkles, pimples, blackheads: you wish for clean skin, but somehow it doesn't really work out? Chances are you're making one of these mistakes.

How To Get Pure Skin: Avoid The 5 Biggest Beauty Sins
How To Get Pure Skin: Avoid The 5 Biggest Beauty Sins

Smoking, not removing make-up or not moisturizing the skin: These are all beauty sins that will later take revenge. We'll tell you what to avoid.

1. You do not apply cream to your cleavage

Do something good for your cleavage: always apply cream! Usually one only thinks of the face or does not want to "waste" the good cream on a large scale.

The consequences: The sensitive cleavage skin wrinkles faster than the face. And it has to absorb a lot more movement and friction through the clothes. If you wear deep necklines in summer, the cleavage gets a lot of sun, which makes the skin blotchy and also makes it age faster.

What helps: Maintain daily with a cream that is particularly rich in fat or moisture.

2. You eat badly

Sure: sometimes it has to be a burger or a sandwich. Cutting lettuce is too time-consuming. And unfortunately the pizza delivery boy is so cute too …

The consequences: Anyone who eats a chocolate croissant every morning, stands at the sausage stand at lunchtime and shovels in chips in front of the TV in the evening doesn't just get bacon on their hips: the skin becomes dry and irritated because it (and the rest of the body) isn't enough get good, usable fat. And of course the vitamins that help the skin stay beautiful are missing.

What helps: Junk food friends should treat themselves to at least one or two glasses of fresh juice a day so that they absorb enough vitamins. And make sure that you get enough of one of the most important skin beautifiers: healthy fatty acids. They help the skin to stay supple and not dry out. Much of it is found in sea fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel), but also in organic meat, nuts and of course in rapeseed and linseed oil. If you are too stressed to cook in everyday life, you should try to eat healthily at least on the weekend. Here you will find tips for healthy snacks.

3. Smoking and beautiful skin? Rather difficult …

Smoking makes the skin slack. Every day without a cigarette is a win. Unfortunately, the addiction is huge: some just can't do it without it.

The consequences: Smoking is just as damaging to the skin as UV radiation: Free radicals spread and activate enzymes that cut up the collagen and elastin fibers. The supporting structure of the cells collapses and the skin becomes wrinkled. However, according to a recent study, the combination of smoking and the sun cannot be topped on the negative list for the skin.

What helps: Of course, stop smoking immediately. Every day without a cigarette is a win. No matter how long you've smoked before. Until that works, you can support your skin and body with a healthy diet to regenerate: The vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables trap free radicals; the trace element selenium from fish, meat and eggs also helps. However, smokers should be careful with dietary supplements containing beta-carotene, as there is increasing evidence that they are more harmful than good. And: For a fresher complexion, use a care product with reflective particles and gently exfoliate the skin on a regular basis.

4. What too little sleep does to your skin

The consequences: Little sleep is bad for your figure. The hormones responsible for the feeling of hunger and satiety get out of balance. If you sleep five or less hours, the ghrelin level (stimulates the appetite) rises, the leptin level (mediates satiety) falls. You eat more and gain weight.

The skin also suffers from a lack of sleep: in the evening it shuts down its natural protective barrier and dedicates itself to cell division. Young, fresh skin cells replace the dead cells on the surface. Anyone who is often awake at night and sleeps during the day messes up the rhythm of the skin so that it can no longer protect itself so well against stimuli. The result: it becomes more sensitive or reacts with impurities.

What helps: It is essential to pay attention to a healthy diet! And, if possible, take a nap during the day. The next morning, the cosmetic bag of tricks helps - an eye gel refreshes and promotes skin circulation, dark circles disappear under the concealer, blush makes the complexion fresh. Special night creams support regeneration.

5. Why you'd better remove your make-up

The consequences: Make-up, sebum, and sweat clog pores; Washed eyelashes break off more easily during the night than untreated eyelashes.

What helps: Clean particularly gently but thoroughly after getting up! Then use a light peeling or a clarifying beauty mask. For the future: get damp cleaning cloths - this means that you can remove your make-up before going to bed in seconds, even when you are tired.

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