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The Florida Man Challenge is the best there is on the internet right now
The Florida Man Challenge is the best there is on the internet right now

Another new trend that has surfaced on the Internet: The Florida Man Challenge. And it is so wonderfully harmless that we urgently urge you to imitate it!

Viral: The
Viral: The

Who is this Florida Man and why is he messing up so much? Half the Internet community is currently asking this question. He attacks gas stations with strange masks, sends Trump pipe bombs or clings to moving cars - and the list goes on and on.

The Florida Man is not a single person, but rather a phenomenon of absurd headlines. You don't know what I mean by that? Our all-time favorite from 2017: "Liam Gallagher farts fans on the head in revenge" or "Baby camel has flatulence: baptism postponed"

Crazy headlines

But even headlines without bloating content can be pretty funny. That is exactly what the Florida Man Challenge proves. In the USA, the most beautiful news pearls are hidden behind headlines that begin with "Florida Man". And because there are apparently really many crazy men hanging around in the southeastern state of the USA, an inside joke soon emerged on social media - and from it in turn the Florida Man Challenge …

How does the Florida Man Challenge work

How does the Florida Man Challenge work? Simply enter Florida Man + your own date of birth on Google and be surprised …

After the challenge was posted on Twitter, Florida-Man quickly ranked in Google search. Here are some of the most absurd reports …

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