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Why should our faces go to the gym now?
Why should our faces go to the gym now?

It's hard enough to keep up with all the fitness trends, but do you also train your face? That's exactly what happens in FaceGym! Why so many people now swear by this technology:

Face Gym
Face Gym

Basically it makes sense: If I try to give my body the best possible care and attention, then I should take care of my face just as well. It will be clear to many that this means a balanced care routine and removing make-up in the evening. But it will come as a surprise that this can also mean a training session in FaceGym. Women and men who have their faces patted soft by professional facial masseurs and still look super photogenic - that is the image that FaceGym cultivates on social media.

What is it about facial training?

According to FaceGym, 40 facial muscles are included in the training. Various instruments are used to roll, massage, push and pull. The aim is to tighten the skin of the face and make swollen areas smooth again. Of course, you can also combine the training session with various facial treatments that sound so futuristic that you can't really imagine what they mean.

If you read the testimonials on the net, the FaceGym treatment seems to feel like exercise, at least at times, even though the face is "only" kneaded by a stranger. This feeling is enhanced by the balls, rollers, and jade stones used for de-puffing. Women who have tried the spa swear it has an instant effect.

Facial gymnastics without FaceGym?

Unfortunately, Austrians have to wait until their next vacation in London or New York to test the FaceGym. Fortunately, the "magic" behind the treatment is actually just a modified, somewhat more brutal form of the facial treatment. And this can be enjoyed in the cosmetic studio of your choice. The result is certainly not exactly the same, but you can certainly get close to it in other ways.

And if you want to do even more for your facial muscles, you can turn to the good, old exercises. The convulsive yawning, big smile or repeated raising of the eyebrows may look funny, but a fairly recent study confirms the effect of these exercises. Women trained their facial muscles for 30 minutes a day for 5 weeks and were then able to enjoy firmer skin and fuller cheeks.

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