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I had a bespoke face cream made for me & tested it for a month
I had a bespoke face cream made for me & tested it for a month

A skin cream that is tailored to your needs & consists of natural ingredients? This is available at Derma ID! We tested the personalized cream.

WOMAN tests: Personalized natural cosmetic facial care
WOMAN tests: Personalized natural cosmetic facial care

Every skin is different. This is not just a worn out sentence that you hear in every advertisement everywhere, but a true statement. It's all well and good that we can roughly classify ourselves as "sensitive", "oily" or "dry", but that doesn't quite hit the nail on the head. Because if you have an oily T-zone, you can still have dry cheeks and vice versa. And because we are on the way to individualization anyway, it makes sense that care should also be more and more tailored to us.

Theresa Friedrich is committed to this principle. The pharmacist and her husband founded their company "Derma ID" many years ago. In her shop in Perchtoldsdorf, she adapts skin care to the needs of her customers. During her studies in New York, she noticed that personalized or individualized care products are totally in in the USA. And not only that! According to the Viennese, it makes perfect sense to tailor facial care to people. Because the more precisely the ingredients are selected and put together, the better the skin can be cared for.

The pharmacist has been working on a change in her company for a long time: She wanted to switch entirely to organic and natural cosmetics. That was not easy, because some ingredients simply have not yet received a valid seal due to their origin or production. But now all of their products are certified. Another innovation: The "Haute Couture Face" cream can now also be created using an online questionnaire.

This is how the personal cream is created:

You are asked about your age, your skin's assessment, how much you drink, how much you smoke and how the cream should smell. The data is then sent directly to Friedrich and she conjures up the ointment - or asks if she has the feeling that the customer has particularly complex skin. A few days later you get the tailor-made cream sent home. A jar costs around 165 euros, depending on which ingredients were used. It's not cheap, especially if you put it on in the morning and in the evening.

Derma ID
Derma ID

But I still wanted to know: Will this personalized cream change the life of my skin? Or is it enough if I remain loyal to my care regiment? By the way, by regiment I really mean what I mean: eye cream, serum & face cream - one for the day, one for the evening. And sunscreen is added in summer. But I was consistent! After I received the Haute Couture Cream, I switched to it completely, as Dr. Friedrich had ordered. Since then, I've been using it on my face twice a day.

The result

A few words about my skin: I would describe it as inconspicuous. Not too dry, not too oily. Pimples and blackheads keep appearing only on the chin and around the mouth. And just before I tested the cream, that area of my face was often reddened. This problem has become noticeably better with constant use of the Haute Couture Cream. The skin seems to have generally recovered and the pimples are healing nicely. I don't feel like my skin is lacking anything.

What I was a little scared of was the excessive use of oils on my face. They, I thought, would make the skin look greasy. But that's not the case. At most, the face is glowy after applying cream, but the cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling. After a few weeks, the mixture will begin to separate in the glass. I attribute this to the fact that I had already taken it with me several times and it was shaken well. But that's not a problem, because if you stir them well with a spoon, everything is back to normal.


Has the Haute Couture Cream changed my skin? Yes and no! In any case, it is good at keeping the balance and supplying the skin with all the active ingredients it needs. But you also have to say that my skin is quite good and can be easily satisfied. I have no allergies, no sensitive stains and no problem with excessive oil production. That's why I personally wouldn't buy the cream anymore, simply because, luckily, I can get away with cheaper products.

For those who the Haute Couture Cream can certainly work wonders is for people with more complex needs. People who get rashes and redness at the slightest disturbance of their skin balance. It is certainly a relief for them when they simply have a care product on hand without thinking too much.

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