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Tried: shaving oil instead of foam
Tried: shaving oil instead of foam

A shaving oil instead of foam, cream or gel? We tested the Shaving Oil from Girl Smells and saw whether it really works!

Tried: shaving oil instead of foam!
Tried: shaving oil instead of foam!

I have quite sensitive skin and I am always looking for products that are less irritating to my skin. Also when it comes to hair removal. Most of the time I epilate, but then I'm often too lazy. I am punished for this with reddened skin - even the sharpest razor blade and the most expensive shaving foam are of little use. But now the shaving oil from Girl Smells caught my eye. Admittedly, at first glance, above all because I thought the packaging was so great. The organic and natural cosmetics brand from Berlin can do even more and also impresses with the content … or rather with what NOT inside is:

The ingredients of Girl Smells

NO aluminum

No alcohol

NO perfume

NO petroleum

NO parabens

NO palm oil

NO baking soda

And also without animal testing.

The packaging doesn't look like anything eco-friendly. Millennial pink, minimalist, sustainable and with a name that is so wonderfully honest: Girl Smells. And as I can say after an extensive test: Girl Smells Goooood.


How do I use the shaving oil?

How is the shaving oil used? In the shower, simply press the pump sprayer a good three times and distribute the oil evenly on the skin. Then just shave as usual. Nothing foams and the razor glides directly on the skin thanks to the oil. What surprised me: With other shaving oils, I often had the feeling that the blades would "peck" and become dull. This is not the case with this shaving oil. Simply hold the razor under the running water a little more often while shaving.

The skin on the legs felt incredibly cared for and soft and intuitively I used the oil as a cleansing oil for the whole body. I felt very innovative about it. In the end I read on the packaging that the girls from Girl Smells even recommend the oil as such. But as I said: I'll say now too! Then you can safely save yourself the need to apply cream! Shaving for lazy people, so to speak!


The oil itself is not sticky at all and smells very subtle, which I personally find very pleasant. The natural oils seem to actually protect and smooth my sensitive skin at the same time. My shave has rarely felt this smooth. And as I said: I didn't even have to put some lotion on afterwards. And the razor burn also stayed away this time. With 75 milliliters and a price of 29 euros, the bottle is not exactly cheap, but very economical. We are also talking about an organic cosmetics brand here. Straight from Berlin. With beautiful packaging and a shaving oil that more than does its job. You can buy it online - here!

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