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5 mistakes you make when covering your dark circles
5 mistakes you make when covering your dark circles

Despite sleep, your dark circles are deep black. I need concealer. If it doesn't work, it's because of these mistakes you make when covering the dark circles:

5 mistakes you make while covering your dark circles
5 mistakes you make while covering your dark circles

Sometimes not even a good helping of sleep can help against dark circles. But what do we have concealer for? But if you don't use it correctly, you will underline the dark circles under the eyes even more than cover them up.

But we're here to help. And tell you the biggest concealer mistakes you can make. But of course also how to correct them and make a fresh, well rested impression free of dark circles.

# 1: You are using the wrong concealer color

Actually logical. But do you know which concealer color is right? Exactly the same as your foundation's. Using a darker or lighter concealer will accentuate the dark circles rather than hide them.

# 2: The texture of the concealer is not ideal for you

If concealer is too thick, it quickly becomes encrusted and settles in the fine lines around the eyes - exactly the opposite of what you actually want to achieve. To make the formula a little lighter, you can mix your cream concealer with a little moisturizer and then dab it on the dark circles.

# 3: Do not use a color corrector for severe dark circles

If your dark circles are extremely dark, concealer alone will no longer help. Before you apply it or your foundation, you should neutralize the deep shadows with a color-correcting product. Knowledge of the complementary colors helps:


The opposing colors are complementary, that is, they balance each other out, giving a neutral result. The right color corrector is therefore individually dependent on the color of the dark circles. For blue dark circles it is orange, for purple-tinted dark circles a yellowish shade, for blue-purple dark circles salmon-colored and for brown dark circles purple.

# 4: You're applying concealer incorrectly

The best tool for blending concealer beautifully is your finger. The product melts best with the skin through the body heat. Important: Always make tapping and not rubbing movements!

# 5: You're not "setting" the concealer

Concealer tends to absorb and absorb throughout the day. When you rub your eyes, or even because the product settles through the oily skin in the wrinkles. So that the dark circles remain covered for as long as possible, it is essential to fix the concealer with a little loose powder after application.

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