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The ultimate concealer hack
The ultimate concealer hack

Are you investing in an extremely expensive concealer, but it dissolves completely by the evening? Don't worry, you just have to change a little thing in your routine, and the dark circles will stay hidden for a long time!

This is how your concealer lasts all day!
This is how your concealer lasts all day!

There are days when you don't really want to put on make-up, but a little concealer is always possible. Concealer is one of our best friends when it comes to the beauty world anyway. Dark circles are gone, the look is much more alert - the whole face shines healthy. "Could it last all day!" You wish inwardly and buy one expensive concealer after the other without achieving the effect you would like.

Don't worry, the concealer CAN last all day if you stick to this beauty hack! And that's not just any funny but useless idea, but my own beauty routine that I use every day. It took me to come up with the perfect combination of steps and waiting time, but now applying the concealer is the easiest part of all of the makeup.

Here's how the concealer hack works:

Ingredients: Concealer of trust, beauty sponge & foundation in powder form

Preparation: Of the first step is already the most important: make sure to wet the beauty sponge! If the sponge has visibly enlarged, then it is wet enough. Squeeze out and rub off a little with a towel. He shouldn't be soaking wet!

Second step Apply concealer and just leave! I learned this step from the drag queens: Due to the warmth of the skin, the moist part of the cream evaporates and only pigments remain. While you let your concealer "work in", you can, for example, draw in your eyebrows!

Third step Here we go! Work the concealer into the skin with the damp sponge. Note: tapping movements are good. Only wipe if you have the feeling that you have used too much concealer.

Of the fourth step is almost as important as the first! We are now familiar with baking, i.e. setting make-up with lots and lots of powder. This practice is simply too time-consuming in everyday life and is also very irritating to the skin. And this is where the powdery foundation comes in! With the damp sponge you pick up a little powder and press it over the covered area. The moisture binds the powder and makes it "stick" better. If you need even more security, you can brush the powder foundation over it with a dry brush.

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